30 Jun

Do you ever wonder about the possibilities in life? And if it’s possible that HOW we are affects what we’ll become as much as WHO we are?

Do you ever get sick of sharing responsibility with people to have them take credit when it’s given, and throw you the blame when it comes? Do you ever get sick of explaining why and just want people to just do it for once without questioning? Doesn’t it bother you when people question your credentials, methods, ideas, experience, and even values? DO you ever just get sick of them all. and say screw it, then i’ll do it myself.

I know I sound so very sour. But it does get old. It feels like everyone else plays for the other team… Maybe because I never really let anyone on my team? WHat else should I expect?

You know, they say love is the most powerful thing. i guess it’s true that if you hate people, you really just give yourself grey hairs and angry nightmares, and probably heart problems over time. but if you love them, you can change the world. you can truly move its fate. One heart and hope over time. I mean, who takes advice from those who hate them? But how many people make their choices directly because of advice from those who love them, and they love?…

It takes strength. It takes hope. It takes patience. It takes humility. It takes resolve. It takes humor. Maybe it even takes a certain amount of naivety. These are really hard qualities to develop alone. You know, i guess if it were easy everyone would be loving, sweet, in love, and happy, blah blah blah… i’ve seen these people.

in fact, once upon a time, i even was one.


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