feelings are hard

29 Dec

it’s too late to be awake tonight
i’m feeling too old, and too young to fight.
i’m thinking thoughts and questions out loud
that have no answers to be made or found

Answers that can only be found by searching my heart
but, these feelings are hiding in some undiscovered part.
Perhaps i know not what love is, and shouldn’t let my heart try
to mettle in matters my mind clearly wants to decide.

My emotions by now are well trained and behaved
and have learned to feel what I approve and when i say,
so allowing feelings to run wild within my inner world,
is only chaos and confusion and indecisive squiggles and swirls.

I haven’t spent time enough going in reverse to have mastered,
how to recognize a feeling and make a decision thereafter…
It’s one thing to tell your heart a curfew and a threshold to try
versus knowing what this strange feeling in my stomach means this time….

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