My scars are the map to my heart

26 Mar

take my wrinkles, just try.
i know they say im young, only 25…
take all the anger, let it fly away
release it in whispers, while you just wait…

take my tears, don’t try to make them stop
just let me cry, tears can be so strong…

take my honesty, i know it’s raw…
i’m past sugar coating, all my flaws.
so take my dreaming, and take my fears,
let me give you all my many many cares.

take my folly, take my games,
take my intensity, it will fade,
but take it now, while it’s hot and here.
don’t try to make all the scars disappear.

my scars are the map to my heart.
my pain has become my strength.
my sorrows have become my laughs,
and my failures, my sympathy…

my losses, have become my knowledge
my fractures, have made me wise.
i no longer flirt with the devil,
but i’ll still challenge him each night.

my world has become a book,
set in a distant time and place.
my happy ending not written, nor guaranteed,
and i’m done running a fruitless race.

my wrinkles have become my beauty.
so take my flaws and love each one.
take my fear and hold me softly,
let me slowly come, and slowly love.

take my eyes and read my heart.
it’s a painful and tale, i wish not to repeat.
but when i open up don’t try to hush my cries,
let me release the weight i’m holding.

feel my sorrow with me.
feel hear my song written in the nights
when i couldn’t sleep and couldn’t dream.
when i couldn’t pray, and couldn’t fight.

take the empty journal pages.
i gave up on writing in the end.
my story was not one i want to tell anymore.
but, we could still write in them…

just take my pushing you away.
take my controlling crazy rants.
take my heart, and please just love it.
let me be crazy let me be flawed, just take the chance.

let me be me, scars and all.
take me, and i’ll take all of you.
if this is how i look at 25,
just imagine me at ninety two…

can you still love me then?
can you still take my reasonless rhyme?
love me or leave me, no trick or treat,
is your love ebbing, or is it growing with time?

i need to know if my scars are beautiful too?

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