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Pawns, knights and fading ink

I’m tired of the rubber thinning out below my shoes

from walking sidewalks and riding buses in the afternoons.

I’ve already memorized all the words to every song on my mp3

and by now the pen for my journal has run out of ink…

My story is taking far too long to write,

and while it’s epic, I’m exasperated with all the pages to type…

I’m ready to sprint towards the nearest cliff

let the hot asphalt burn away any fear within…

I don’t care if it costs me my queen and both knights,

if it leaves me with only pawns to fight, i’m ready to fly…

Maybe my positioning isn’t just right, but i’m ready to dive off blind

i’m ready to do or die, i’m ready to cry. and now, i’m ready to try.

I don’t know whether i need to try something old, or something new,

Nobody has the right answers, or can predict my next move.

but it’s going to be something i haven’t done in a long time.

this decision. It’s going to be mine, all mine. it’s finally time.

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