Lines and kinks

27 Feb

Don’t iron out all my kinks,

they’re part of who I want to be…

It’s exhausting to be constantly compared

to photo-shopped magazines…


Ask any girl, it’s a tougher world

than people give us credit for daily facing…

in the middle of the night, I find my mother

in the living room, just pacing….


don’t hi-light every hair,

so that the depths sink into the past…

don’t build my sister’s confidence on her

pretty lined lips, that won’t last…


Ask any woman trying to make it alone,


the hardest thing to face is the mirror at night.

with my eyes sunken in, and slowly fading skin.

it’s a battle to love every finely etched line…


I want to go deeper than you’re sight.

i want to reach farther than that show on tv,

i want to harness what the world has to offer,

and ride it into a confident peace.


I want to bring laughter and knowledge

I want inspire creativity and fearless dreams,

I want to be the shoulder to cry and place to lean,

but more than anything else, I want to love me.


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