I can’t promise safe.

19 Mar

Oh heart of fire…

you have the Midas touch…

everything you touch burns

and all is felt so much…


Oh love, how it burns…

and passion how it spreads.

I wish it wasn’t time that made you learn,

that passion isn’t always best…


Oh heart of fire,

don’t overwhelm the other lights…

let the stars, the sun, the moon,

and fireflies all have their lime light…


Oh heart of fire,

don’t look for the fastest flame,

look for a steady wax, a wick to catch,

and a burn that can be sustained.


Oh heart of fire,

the world bleeds and begs for you,

but inside, doesn’t it scar, doesn’t it hurt,

doesn’t it feel like you’re just being used?


I’ll protect my own fire…

keep the wind away from my heart.

let it be tamed, let it be real,

but don’t try to force or control the spark.


And little heart of fire…

I refuse to hide you away.

I beg you please, keep aglow, keep warm,

and I’ll keep you alive, but I can’t promise safe.



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