30 Mar

keep going keep going, the little engine that could.

move on. move on… not even close yet to the end of the world.

And just keep on swimming, running, walking, moving forward.

but all this energy spent sometimes makes me wonder what for?


I don’t believe in giving up, but i just want to binge watch movies tonight.

I believe in a challenge, but i feel a little too uneasy to make this ride…

And i can preach to my friends, write songs, write poems online…

but it’s just to convince my own heart to keep on keepin on with the tries.


My heart it beats too fast, I swear i’m headed for an anxiety attack,

my friends they’ve moved on, it’s all been different since I came back.

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s them, all i know is I’m too tired for this all…

so. God. you are the only one left, the only word I have left before I fall.


Oh Lord, I know the desert is always where the silence speaks out loud.

So money, so time, to music, so rhymes, they weren’t enough i found.

So i’ll watch a movie, write a poem, get some sleep and set my alarm and

tomorrow, I’m gonna wake up, and fight, and fight, and try and try again.


And oh, i’ve been through too much, this isn’t it, enough, enough

you can’t break my heart, this winter is almost over, moving is tough.

I care what they say, i won’t say i don’t, but God knows I’m the one he chose.

we all are, in our own little battles, i’m ready to rise from this smoke.


I’m not done. oh i’m not done. the little engine that could.

the little girl who did what nobody thought she would.

the little victory nobody will notice in the morning but me,

but God, let’s you and me, have our own little little party.




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