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to the distant hiker

To the man in the blue coat, i’ll let you go.

to my partner in crime, i wish it wasnt a divide.

im so sorry for breaking your heart so slow.

im sure youll get there faster than i.


to the wind in the willows, i beg you blow.

to the birds in the valley side, i beg you fly.

anything that brings peace, i beg you be.

Lord knows how much i need that tonight…


there’s a million fires in the distant earth’s crusts.

but were in a drought and our door is covered in rust.

i dont know what it is, but i domt this is love.

but maybe im wrong, and shouldnt do this to us.


to the man on the distant trail, i bid you farewell

im sorry for bringing uou down the road to hell.

i pray your journey is lined in flowers and full fresh wells

i pray this emptiness in my heart doesnt hurt my health…

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