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Done acting cool

Let’s not act like we’re on a movie screen.
There are no points for coy lines or clever scenes.
Let’s not act like we have something to prove.
Can we just figure out if you like me, and I like you?

Can we stop trying to be so calculated about it?
Can you just let me know if you want it or not?
I guess since you haven’t made a move that should speak,
Should I read your silence as the answer I haven’t got?

Or I guess I can swallow my pride and just ask.
Just you and I, it’s hard to get that kind of time.
Whatever I’m done playing games, done being a fool.
I’m done trying to act so proud or be so cool.

So here it goes, let’s see how this ends?
Let’s see how broken my heart and pride will get.
Boys are stupid and so are my feelings I’ll pledge until,
Until that one time when that one guy stays…& who knows? maybe you will.

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