Modern Dragons Tonight

05 Jun

Sometimes my heart lives in the clouds.
But it’s a blurry distant view of the ground.
I live in the hopes, ambitions, and wishes that take flight,
but it’s dark, lonely, and confusing at night.
Sometimes I lie under bristling leaves and imagine
The excitement and wonder of what it would be to be a dragon.
To breathe passion and fire, and to cut through the skies,
To be fierce, fearless, and to fill every moment with life.
Sometimes, I walk around and pretend I’m happy when I’m not.
I can put on this innocent smile, so no one can see how bad it’s got.
I’ll laugh and I’ll ask questions flirt and charm,
but at the end of the day, I can hold on to no arm.
Sometimes I don’t want to admit how lonely my heart feels.
I’ll deny it and I’ll laugh, and pretend it’s all healed.
So I’ll withdraw into memories and remind my heart not to care.
not get my hopes up, but it’s too late, I’m already there.
He caught my eye. it’s like a dragon’s breathe.
he cut through my skepticism, and I’m fighting with all I have left.
But I’m afraid, while he’s fearless, of heartbreak and being the fool.
And he’s just laughing and playing it all cool.
So tonight, my heart, let’s move back to the clouds
away from blurry and distant risks, that are too scary right now.
Flirt with hopes and ambitions, but don’t let that wish stay in flight.
It’s confusing, it’s wretched, it’s modern love, and a lonely night.

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