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Kreativ Blogger Award

What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Michael, thank you so much for nominating me for the “Kreativ Blogger Award.”! Your site <; is truly inspirational, & i am so very honored that you deemed my poetry worthy. thank you!

First off, I feel a little silly getting this. I really don’t feel my stuff is of the caliber of so many sites I visit. I do love visiting all your amazing blogs. I gain so much inspiration from them. I know I’ve hit on this before, but this blog probably means too much to me, but because of this, all your comments are so appreciated & taken to heart. Thank you each for taking the time to visit my site. You truly do motivate me to continue writing in a way I have never been encouraged before. Knowing someone is there to read them… it changes everything. And thank you for all your creative posts as well. Without them, i don’t think I could write as much. So many of my poems are spawned off thoughts I took back from reading one of yours.

For this award, I am required to share 10 things you may not know. Then, I will have to pass this award on to at least 6 ( or more ) other bloggers.

1. I am solar-powerd. Sunshine is like oxygen for me..
2. I am a huge football fan. I know more most guys I run into about this.
3. I am from a big family, very sports centered. Making poetry… not something any of them wanted to hear…
4. I love playing soccer. I can even play soccer by myself if need be… something about me, the ball, & the goal, it’s just all there is at that moment, & the world is right again…
5. I’m afraid of commitment- to the extent of choosing a month-to-month phone plan so i didn’t have to sign a contract.
6. I’ve lived in multiple cities, states, countries… & more homes than i am years old.
7. Probably because of my lack of life, I have come to play the role of ‘therapist’ for many of my friends. Funny how they all call me up for love advice & such when i have failed so miserably at my own. But i love that they come to me, just the same.
8. Give me a bottled cream soda & a campfire, & you won’t see anything but smiles & contentment from me.
9. I honestly do not feel I’ve earned any poetic talent I possess. I consider myself lucky. The words just come & I type most of my poems without taking my pen off the paper/fingers off the keypad. I feel more like a conduit, from who? eh, idk… but I feel very blessed just the same to have something going for me.
10. I believe blood ties are stronger than any other. Family. Whether we like it or not, family holds a power on each other, from our roots to our future, I prioritize my family above all else in my life.

As for the bloggers I have to nominate for the “Kreativ Blogger Award,” this is going to be hard… I truly enjoy all the bloggers I read, & am constantly in awe of so many I haven’t even had the chance to finish going through. I will work on giving credit where it is due in time, & honoring all those blogs I feel worthy. However, for the sake of time, I’m only listing 10 that come to mind, & I really want to emphasize these are worth your time: …………………………..

9.                                                                                                     10.

Have a great day. !!! & congratulations to all

ps. Autumnsunshineandgabrielleangel & The Tale Of My Heart. were already nominated at the same time as me, or i would have nominated them as well. also, please look back to past nominations i’ve made & other sight recommendations. some people i feel are totally worth of this too, but since i’ve nominated them in the past, i’m trying to spread around that love to other folks who deserve it too!


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