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look- there are some things that my heart is screaming, that I can't say. at least attached to my name. it's not that my name is bad or i'm ashamed, but this is where i can journal however I want, & not hold back. because, let's face it. we all have journal entries we will never share with someone we know, for fear of sharing a weakness, or looking pathetic, or a hypocrite. this is where all you will know or see about me, is my words. & in a weird way; anyone who reads these, knowing only what i write, will know me better-. better, than those who only hear what i'll tell. feel free to respond or comment. thanks.

To reach… and reach again

A baby’s hand reaching out to be held…

A child reaching to catch fireflies.

A couple whom keep reaching to hold hands,

A poet reaching for the right words to write…


There is something beautiful about reaching,

Reaching beyond that which we have always known…

Whether reaching for a dream, a heart, a loved one, or passion,

Those whom are willing to reach are never alone.


So reach for the forgiveness within your heart

reach for the strength beyond that of any man

reach for the peace to love and risk broken trust,

reach beyond the depths, reach and reach again…


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uncertainty of sanity

I don’t want to sleep tonight…

My eyes are begging me to give them a break.

I don’t know what I am afraid of facing,

besides all the thoughts and doubts that I create.


Dreams aren’t the enemy, and neither is the poetry,

it’s that laying awake in between that comes to haunt me.

When the worst case scenarios gain momentum in the dark,

and all those things I pretend I don’t care about begin to spark…


When I am just alone enough to face all the deeds I’ve done,

and argue with my conscious to justify how many times I’ve run…

When pride and humility battle, and hope and fear flirt and dance,

When memories shape shift and I talk myself out of romance…


I think what I’m afraid of is that I will judge myself as guilty,

or lose internal funding for the shrine I’ve built to myself…

I think what I’m afraid of is growing arrogant or indulge my vanity,

and i can think and argue, but even worse, is the thought of losing my sanity…


I’m not sure if I fear my future, or if i fear my past is not as I recall….

I’m not sure if I am confident, or obsessed with my own fall…

I’m not sure if I am able to love like they say, or figure it all out with time,

and all these uncertainties will be self-fulfilling prophesies, as I slowly lose my mind…



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what remains

My soul is depleted of its childlike faith.

its been vomited out by poisonous relationships,

its been worked off in sweaty sprints,

and then poured out in tearful fits.


My rose colored glasses have been scratched,

and bleached by the sun’s burn.

my wide eyed wonder was answered

by those who looked down on all for which I yearned…


Sooner or later, these things happen.

Sooner or later, you’re too tired to chase after love,

sooner or later it doesn’t really matter,

because you grow content with what life has become.



What remains of the hope is solid grit,

What remains of the faith is the golden core,

what remains of the wonder is education,

and what remains of love’s quest? only God can answer for.



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Lines and kinks

Don’t iron out all my kinks,

they’re part of who I want to be…

It’s exhausting to be constantly compared

to photo-shopped magazines…


Ask any girl, it’s a tougher world

than people give us credit for daily facing…

in the middle of the night, I find my mother

in the living room, just pacing….


don’t hi-light every hair,

so that the depths sink into the past…

don’t build my sister’s confidence on her

pretty lined lips, that won’t last…


Ask any woman trying to make it alone,


the hardest thing to face is the mirror at night.

with my eyes sunken in, and slowly fading skin.

it’s a battle to love every finely etched line…


I want to go deeper than you’re sight.

i want to reach farther than that show on tv,

i want to harness what the world has to offer,

and ride it into a confident peace.


I want to bring laughter and knowledge

I want inspire creativity and fearless dreams,

I want to be the shoulder to cry and place to lean,

but more than anything else, I want to love me.


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Go ahead, quiet soul… whisper your secret
I shall cross my heart & promise to keep it
All I ask is that you stay honest & stay true…
and in return, i shall keep & protect you…

For in this world, it’s such a stormy place
so many winds blowing so many different ways,
but i have quieted a place for you & you alone…
in my heart’s chambers I shall build for you a throne…

And you may rule my thoughts during the day
and build my dreams as I sleep the night away,
oh hope, oh desires, oh secret plan I hold within
For some it’s just a fantasy, but for me, it’s genuine…



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sorting it out

Over saturated feelings

after a drought of years on end

I don’t know how to sort out

whether I love or I hate this…


At least I felt something again,

at least I know the fire exists,

at least I got to have a taste,

at least I know I can experience this…


But I know I’m already loving you too much

I know it’s too soon for me to shoot the gun,

and I don’t want to see everything come undone…

all the feelings just hit me like a hit and run


you  made a fool out of me


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hang the memories on a noose

the thing is that, I know

what I need to do

is just forget you,

hang the memories on a noose.


I know that it’s

border-line wrong

for me to keep holding on

to stars in the dawn…


you can’t fight gravity

you can’t fight the moon

you can’t distort time,

and I can’t be with you…


Oh border lines,

seas and politics,

love and war,

why did I ever get in?


It’s too powerful

it knocked me into the wall

it made a fool of my mind

and it burns to recall,


I hate to remember how

perfect it fell into fate

because you can’t recreate

that kind of chemical flame


never again, will I

feel the energy off your skin.

and as long as I live,

i’ll be fighting it…


because I know

exactly what I need to do

is forget you,

hang the memories on a noose.


because as long as I remember it,

I won’t be able to deny or fight,

I won’t be able to pretend or compromise,

I won’t be able to love a mediocre life…


What I wouldn’t give

to have amnesia of this,

what I wouldn’t do

just to forget you


And what I wouldn’t trade

fates with the milky way,

to redistribute the earth

to be held by you forever more…




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