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Time’s magic act

There’s a potion of intermingled hopes and fears.

Time is a magic act, on its own.

It waves its cape and beckons for cheers,

leaving all the aces in sleeves unknown…

Faith is a coat rarely embraced and worn.

Because life here is kind to the weak,

and a suit that is faded and torn,

has no place at the table of Earth’s elite.

Hope is dwindling on fate’s candlestick.

The future always seems eminent.

So precious and powerful, with such a thin wick,

few step into the storm to shield the wind…

…but we must keep hope lit…

For ages and generations of grown wise and passed on,

the world to a new age and generation of fools whom all believe,

they are the greatest, the wisest, and they shall make new laws,

that make this place better than those before could have conceived.

And open minds still need a filter,

and open hearts still need guards,

open dreams, still need solid timber

for we all still live under the stars.

Be cautious, be prudent, be patient, be wise.

Trust those before, for the’ve glimpsed more in their short times.

Be humble, be honest, be rational, be kind.

Be loving, be faithful, be hopeful, be alive.

The magic act has begun

perhaps, it is already halfway through.

You don’t have to stay and watch the show…

you’re allowed to get up, and explore the room.

The potion has already been mixed in your wine,

and you shall both suffer and rejoice with time.

And love is bitter, love is sacrifice, but love is divine.

And it’s the only thing that lasts longer than life.


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What about the beautiful wrinkles?

What about an old cowgirl?
who will love all her wrinkles now?
all the cowboys are still getting chased,
while she’s out still chasing the cows…

She’s doing all the dirty work
the grit, the hurt, the mornings before dawn,
but with all the pretty young faces,
who’s there to stay up and listen to her song???

What about the world explorer?
the one who did peace corps and has seen war?
what about that poet who gave her youth
searching for answers, to write the truth?

Who is going to see her travelled skin,
and love it for all the places it has been?
She’s the story they will all love to read,
but the guys still go for a prettier young thing.

What about the single mother who tries
to raise the daughter he left behind?
with a heart stronger than steel
and 80 hour shifts to pay the bill…

Who’s going to notice her strength?
What guy will go buy a brand new ring?
Oh they are such a foolish lot,
men never know the love nor heart they’ve got….

And what about every woman with silver hair?
what about the 35 year olds who are single out there?
what about us girls who have hearts of gold,
…all the guys only want someone less than 25 years old…


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as confident as my wrinkles.

getting wrinkles is probably one of the
greatest horrors of every young woman.
Or that realization that she no longer is
really that young of a woman.

you look back at photos, and realize
that you didn’t even know you were beautiful then.
nobody told you. they all just teased you
assuming you were so secure you already knew…

nobody told me i was wasting my youth
nobody told me how short it was going to be
everybody told me that i’d have plenty of time
and everybody told me just to take my time…

and i did. and now i have wrinkles.
wrinkles that don’t go away when i stop laughing.
wrinkles that dig deeper into my skin and confidence every day
wrinkles that force me to grow up.

maybe it’s a good thing, you know?
maybe they force us out of that relying on looks phase.
and it’s true im still more beautiful than i’ll ever be again
but gosh. when you find those old pictures… i hate to admit im that shallow, but

…it hurts. i don’t want wrinkles. i don’t want to grow up.

they force me to realize im getting older
and that i need to decide what to do with my life.
and then i look in the mirror again,
and i still haven’t done enough to justify my age.

i fear i shall never be as grown up,
as mature, nor nearly confident as my wrinkles are.
they told me to travel the world while i was young
and then i woke up, and i wasn’t young anymore.

all the great guys were married,
all the hot guys were losing their hair
and all the great and good looking men, i realized
were never perfect to start with, they had a girl who brought it out…

and id missed my chance a million times.


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ready for more

it doesn’t take much to kick off my memories…
it’s about time i took my life into my own hands…
i’m far too young to be looking back at all my years…
I hope the world is happy for me & understands…

it’s time for me to go! & find a new adventure…
it’s time for them to know! i am ready for so much more…
more than the city out of these mountains, & the sea past
the valley’s floor, & past the equator, & beyond the distant shore…


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the lying dog you are…

Gotta prove there’s more…
but proof is so abstract…
how I convince anyone when,
I don’t have the words to react…

I wish i could defend myself
as rumors defile my name tonight…
but I’m too far away for my voice
to be heard over the juicy lies…

Does it make you feel better!?
does it give u satisfaction to see me burn?
why couldn’t u just let me rest in peace,
& find some way to make your own name of worth?

Do you think anyone thinks your cooler?
do you think anyone believes I actually did?
either way, you are a disgusting dog!
You should be ashamed for all of this!

I’ve done plenty of things wrong
that are truths I now regret…
so you didn’t need to make one up,
& then spread your nasty little secret…

I generally believe that people change,
but for you, I’m going to say never….
I can’t believe I ever got caught up in you,
I can’t believe I fell for your ‘forever’…

I can’t even remember your face,
But your name is sour in my heart,
An eternal acid rain of lies on my name,
I just hope people see you for the liar you are…


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I want happy, not perfect

Who really wants to be a professional?
I’d much rather just braid my hair.
Who really wants to be the very best?
& give up half their life to get there?

Who really wants to be perfect?
because we never really will be…
No, i don’t want to change too much,
because, I really like just being me.

I think we all have sorrows,
& joy is a little more elusive,
you have to seek it out,
and cook it as u daily live…

It takes a lifetime in itself
for some to find happy can be anywhere.
for it is not hidden in laughter,
but in letting hope overcome our fear…


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Mangled Pride

A mangled sense of pride
drove him to the edge…
If he could have just said sorry…
but “sorry” was never said…

So tragedy followed
the ruthless need to be the first…
A hammer hit the wood,
and bad only became worse…

Two lifes destroyed in anger
rivals to from their very core,
one who gets to sleep forever,
the other guilty forevermore…


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