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none of them are you

Always going to be one hotter
always going to be one richer too
always going to be one sweeter, or meaner
or who does more of something I do,

Always going to be that person who is funnier
maybe he can steal the spotlight of the room,
but it doesn’t really matter any more,
because i’d always rather just be with you…

this really just fet too easy
because after all the hard times i’ve been through
this is the first time i’ve ever
just looked at someone, and already knew.


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until you say goodbye to me

I never meant to leave you behind
I don’t know what I thought I would find
I guess i thought you might follow behind
And always believed we get back together with time

When you moved on, I really did try.
I tried with men, I tried with wine,
I tried with travels, and I tried with time…
But I still can’t get you out of my mind…

I guess you’re happy and have moved on
This time I won’t lie, I wish it were me.
but since this is what you want, all I ask,
and all I beg that you give in parting,

is show up for one last night to dance
please let’s talk, so I can realize we’re too different,
and I’ve already thrown away my pride so grant me this one thing,
please show up, so that you can say good bye to me.

I finally realized you’re the heart I can’t let go
So I need you to be the one to leave me alone.
Because I can’t move on, Until I see,
until I see you say goodbye to me.


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truths mean more than dares

i didn’t see the point in tying you down
i couldn’t bring myself to throw my heart out,
and when you asked if i agreed and i was sure,
i wasn’t going to argue you into loving me more…

and i may never have told you i loved you or cared,
but i sat there every night and was always there…
some people speak with words that never end,
some people can kiss you into loving them,

and some people write letters, others poems,
and some people like me will never say so…
only want to live in your presence all the time,
laugh at your jokes, and finish words to your lines,

just want to climb mountains and sail seas with you
with unceasing teasing and games of taboo…
some people will never open up the lid
and let all the steam be visible again…

to be honest, i’m still figuring out exactly what love is.
trying so hard to be honest, in every way with this.
I don’t know the future, but I do know my dreams,
i don’t know the right words, and i can’t name feelings.

but i do know that every day we’ve spent as two
i’ve laughed twice as much, and started telling more truths,
closer to the person i want to be, when you’re there,
i guess sometimes a truth means more than a dare.

so all the words i hold unspoken within,
you can read them in how much time i’ve spent,
as someone so set on living all of my dreams,
how could you not know, how much i cared for thee?


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“Memo to self” ~7/1/2007

MEMO TO SELF: don’t fall fast!
memo to self: don’t expect it to last.
memo to self: just let him go!
Memo to self: don’t love who I don’t know.

Memo’s are great
& they work just fine…
until that day
when it’s reading time…

& I throw it over my shoulder
who cares it’s been 4 weeks?
Okay, so he’s not the man of my dreams…
Just let him go, think twice, then leave!!!

Memo to self:
don’t believe…

that there will be tomorrow
but don’t forget, i still have today.
so make the most of the moment
so you’ll have only happy yesterdays…

Keep holding on- don’t look back
All those bad things, are in the past.

but don’t forget, the lessons they’ve taught
to always see & be thankful, for what I’ve got…

don’t fall fast!
memo to self:
don’t expect it to last.
memo to self:
just let him go!
Memo to self:
don’t love who I don’t know.


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“ALWAYS” -written 12/27/2006

It’s always me falling hard
it’s always you pulling my strings
it’s always me dropped on the floor
& then left alone to weep

it’s always that one time
I call & you don’t pick up
that you decide not to show…
I guess it really isn’t really love.

It’s always your smile
that haunts my dreams…
it’s always nights of no sleep
it’s always heartbreak for me.

Of course, I always see it coming,
& I always pretend I don’t…
but, baby next time you pull that,
I promise I won’t.

Baby, always you getting to me
always me regretting the break.
always me wanting you back…
but next time, i promise, i ain’t.


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