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You brought out the devil in me

i was the little angel with big green eyes,
everything in the world glowed with faithful love
you were the boy with those blue eyes,
knew just how to make me question all i’d learned of…

and i quickly turned to you for truth,
i didn’t know lies were all you could do,
you showed me how to really make a heart burn,
and then how to numb the newly aquired hurt…

you showed me that lightning doesn’t strike
just because we sinned those nights…
and that even sweet little teddies bears bleed,
and that ghosts aren’t just in my dreams…

then you taught me how to leave with out saying goodbye
just as my world crumbled into a mess of defensive lies
and i thought surely, it was different with you & I…
that’s when i learned that love isn’t always worth the try…

because you only brought out the devil in me,
oh, you taught me how to live in jealously,
you brought out the lies & sneaky little thief…
you made a fallen angel out of me…

and now i’m just reaching at the sunlight
but i can feel all the empty darkness inside,
just trying to grasp enough bright to outshine
all the bitterness you said would pass with time…


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sweaty halo

I guess we’re all a little fallen angel
somewhere deep below the acts we do
i think every girl has a dream she let die
in order to make another grow and bloom

but I’m missing my wings on the road tonight
because on rocky trails, oh how my feet tire…
and as my halo gets hot & sweaty around my hairline…
i would love to fly, but i just know i’d miss the fire

oh and human form can feel so heavy
dragged down beneath the stars & heavens above
oh and on this earth it’s so hard to see
where’s the meaning, the point, who trusts love?…


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too small

My tears are too small, for the sorrows they carry
my shoulders too small, for the burden they bear
my heart is too small, to love all the way through this
and my hope is dwindling, how much more can i care?

My feet are too small, to fill the footsteps,
predestined for me to fill by now,
My ambitions too small, to get me anywhere,
& i feel my cup being emptied out…

Maybe I’m just too small a person
to live this whole life through that way,
i act & i write & i pray & i fight…
to convince myself i’m stronger than they.

who am i kidding?
i’m darker than them all
I must be the weakest,
the smallest of the small…

fallen from the angel they see me as
to the devil’s own lair
i traded in my heartfelt love,
for numbness, not to feel or care.


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Cry, little angel, cry….

Cry, little angel, cry….
you don’t have to bottle it inside
you don’t always have to be
the strong one, you’ll find…

It’s okay to lean on a shoulder…
it’s okay to need help now & then..
it’s okay to have fears & soft-spots
it’s okay to be just a human…

Oh, child, sorrow is part of life
So cry, little angel, cry…
Just know that it will end someday,
and visit at certain times….

But, most days are lovely
most days have sunshine…
but if you need to cry some tears…
oh child, that’s just fine..


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You are still my little angel

Never let your dreams become yesterday
never let your heart get carried away,
never let your hopes fade to grey,
& never over look the love i don’t say…

‘member the beautiful lightning flashes
while we danced in the sheets of rain?
…two sisters kicking splashes
…but things can never be the same.

here we are years after the thunder,
hundreds of miles separating you & me
praying for each other
& both doing exactly the same thing:

pages lit by the same pale moonlight,
writing letters heart to heart,
wishing on that same shooting star,
that next year we won’t be so far apart…

You will always be my little angel,
you’ll always be part of all I do,
and I wrote this song just to be sure,
you know how much I dearly love you.


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