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memories to relive

cozy toes curled on soft carpeted floors on a winter night,
electrically charged sunrises over the mountain filled skies,
thick coffees, teas, and milky hot chocolate drinks,
friendly embraces and fire colored autumn leaves…

dewey dotted gardens filled with daily growing life
crimson roses that let their perfumes take loving flight
fireflies that dance on a texas summer night
and windy days filled with billowing distant kites…

Silky story book pages bleeding of color and worlds
filled with contagious adventures and magical girls.
campfires, and juicy berry cobbler served boiling sweet,
genuine smiles and hearts full of hopes in distant dreams…

never lose the wonder, never lose the peace,
never stop loving, and trying, and giving everything.
embrace every sunrise, and paint it’s details within,
hold every memory, to relive joyously again and again…


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Some desires cling to the stars

Crumble into the dust
some dreams don’t mean that much
Others simply crack and break
when hope turns cold and fake

but some desires cling to the stars
some whispers are always heard within the heart
some hopes refuse to be blown away by the breeze
like the aspen leaves hold tight to their trees…

And they may tremble and turn about
they may wait a few winters out
but when life’s seasons finally turn to spring
oh there is always that one waiting dream

Some words left unspoken may yet still speak
some islands undiscovered shall still be beached
some visions hold their weight not in gold, but peace
and some futures are the worth the long wait to reach…


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learning to love myself alone <3

i really want to fall into somebody’s embrace tonight…
just that comfort of strong arms holding me tight…
and i know that urge, i know exactly what it does…
So, i’m locking myself in, & forbidding myself to run….

Nothing is so scary about being alone…
i just start to bore myself & resist the battle to grow…
but this time i’m not letting myself just go…
i’m going to enjoy my own company without the show…

learn to laugh at the jokes i tell in my head
serenade myself with a guitar on my bed…
going to dress myself up for an evening at home
going to love myself into loving just being alone.

no more guys, no more using them like a crutch…
little darling, it’s time to stop running & grow the heck up…
if i can’t love myself, why would anyone else in the world?
oh so tonight, i’m learning to love this crazy girl…

inside out, laugh for joy with no one to hear…
find an art project or a journey i go on each year…
find that magic, find that beauty in my own soul & mind…
i know it sounds crazy… but i’m learning to love myself tonight.


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grown up magic….

I used to skip stones…
I used to make forts &
lived in a magical world

I was Pocahontas
I was Cinderella,
& I painted with swirls…

I ran around barefoot,
danced under the moon,
and imagined trees into life

I used to dress up
in pink gauzy nighties
& ruled the world as queen of light…

i used to make up songs
all day long as i played
but then i grew up….

and a tree trunk
was no longer magical,
it was just an old stump…

I stopped believing in fairies
& stopped looking for nymphs…
I guess it just happens…
but sometimes I look outside & miss…

dancing in the moonlight,
so I will sneak out alone,
& sing to myself as I twirl to the waterside…
take off my shoes & skip a stone…

You know, there is a magic
to a warm autumn breeze
shivering the aspens into gold,
& bringing a frantic soul peace


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dream of the sunrise

She hung a dream catcher over my bed,
saying no more nightmares could get through,
i watched the beads quiver with apprehension
as the hot air was swirled by a fan in my room…

I dreamed i was a little warrior,
with red & white paint on my tanned face,
somehow separated from my tribe,
I was lost in a foreign forested place…

I remember feeling a warm breeze of comfort,
then a strength & understanding wash over me,
I ran to the top of a mountain and saw the sun rise
a horizon of beautiful colors glowed my heart into peace…

I woke up with the light of red & whites,
pouring into my window the next day,
I held that vision of beauty in my heart for years,
feeling that strength & hope in better days…

Knowing my future hadn’t risen yet…
knowing the sunrise is only where it begins…
But today it hit me like the sun-rays,
that mountaintop sunrise, is exactly where I am.

Looking at a gorgeous glowing horizon,
feeling strength, peace, & joy rising within…
for here in the Rocky mountains of Colorado,
the nightmares have all finally come to an end.

Good morning love.
good morning hope
good morning life
Let my heart burn aglow


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true BEAUTY glows

Beautiful means glowing.
beautiful means trusting,
beautiful means hoping
beautiful means loving.

Beautiful is when her heart
pumps comfort into despair,
beautiful is when there’s no one else,
she is by your side, there to care.

Beautiful is when her laughter
echos joy into your soul,
beautiful is when she takes
emptiness & makes it whole…

beautiful is not her make-up,
it’s the smile that shines through,
beautiful is not in your hair,
but all the selfless things you do…

beauty is in honest sympathy,
beauty is a peace-felt hug,
beautiful is not seen in a picture,
for true beauty is in acts of love…

the truest truth of beauty,
is how it radiates warmth aglow,
so keep this fire burning inside out,
& go be beautiful for the world to know


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Regina… Queen of my little heart (for Nana)

Oh beautiful Regina,
i’m at a loss of where to start.
it’s almost unbelievable,
how much you’ve touched my heart…

You’ve inspired me with your wisdom,
your ever-gentle poise & grace,
your genuine kindness & concern,
and ever present, honest faith….

Oh, Nana, i love you so much,
in every way i try to write…
somehow this poem is just not doing justice
to all that you do right…

For one, you are the only one,
who actually enjoys reading my poems…
And without you there,
Maryland, would have never been my home…

I pray for you night & day,
& will try to visit you soon,
I just wish I had a more beautiful way
to share how much I love you…

So lovely Regina,
queen of my little heart,
I guess this will have to do,
for my little thank-you start…

I love you.


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