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Time’s magic act

There’s a potion of intermingled hopes and fears.

Time is a magic act, on its own.

It waves its cape and beckons for cheers,

leaving all the aces in sleeves unknown…

Faith is a coat rarely embraced and worn.

Because life here is kind to the weak,

and a suit that is faded and torn,

has no place at the table of Earth’s elite.

Hope is dwindling on fate’s candlestick.

The future always seems eminent.

So precious and powerful, with such a thin wick,

few step into the storm to shield the wind…

…but we must keep hope lit…

For ages and generations of grown wise and passed on,

the world to a new age and generation of fools whom all believe,

they are the greatest, the wisest, and they shall make new laws,

that make this place better than those before could have conceived.

And open minds still need a filter,

and open hearts still need guards,

open dreams, still need solid timber

for we all still live under the stars.

Be cautious, be prudent, be patient, be wise.

Trust those before, for the’ve glimpsed more in their short times.

Be humble, be honest, be rational, be kind.

Be loving, be faithful, be hopeful, be alive.

The magic act has begun

perhaps, it is already halfway through.

You don’t have to stay and watch the show…

you’re allowed to get up, and explore the room.

The potion has already been mixed in your wine,

and you shall both suffer and rejoice with time.

And love is bitter, love is sacrifice, but love is divine.

And it’s the only thing that lasts longer than life.


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memories to relive

cozy toes curled on soft carpeted floors on a winter night,
electrically charged sunrises over the mountain filled skies,
thick coffees, teas, and milky hot chocolate drinks,
friendly embraces and fire colored autumn leaves…

dewey dotted gardens filled with daily growing life
crimson roses that let their perfumes take loving flight
fireflies that dance on a texas summer night
and windy days filled with billowing distant kites…

Silky story book pages bleeding of color and worlds
filled with contagious adventures and magical girls.
campfires, and juicy berry cobbler served boiling sweet,
genuine smiles and hearts full of hopes in distant dreams…

never lose the wonder, never lose the peace,
never stop loving, and trying, and giving everything.
embrace every sunrise, and paint it’s details within,
hold every memory, to relive joyously again and again…


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as confident as my wrinkles.

getting wrinkles is probably one of the
greatest horrors of every young woman.
Or that realization that she no longer is
really that young of a woman.

you look back at photos, and realize
that you didn’t even know you were beautiful then.
nobody told you. they all just teased you
assuming you were so secure you already knew…

nobody told me i was wasting my youth
nobody told me how short it was going to be
everybody told me that i’d have plenty of time
and everybody told me just to take my time…

and i did. and now i have wrinkles.
wrinkles that don’t go away when i stop laughing.
wrinkles that dig deeper into my skin and confidence every day
wrinkles that force me to grow up.

maybe it’s a good thing, you know?
maybe they force us out of that relying on looks phase.
and it’s true im still more beautiful than i’ll ever be again
but gosh. when you find those old pictures… i hate to admit im that shallow, but

…it hurts. i don’t want wrinkles. i don’t want to grow up.

they force me to realize im getting older
and that i need to decide what to do with my life.
and then i look in the mirror again,
and i still haven’t done enough to justify my age.

i fear i shall never be as grown up,
as mature, nor nearly confident as my wrinkles are.
they told me to travel the world while i was young
and then i woke up, and i wasn’t young anymore.

all the great guys were married,
all the hot guys were losing their hair
and all the great and good looking men, i realized
were never perfect to start with, they had a girl who brought it out…

and id missed my chance a million times.


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don’t tempt the inner goddess

Don’t feed the inner dragon,
no matter how hot the fire he may breathe…
Don’t tempt the inner goddess,
with golden apples or a dual of manipulative strength,

Don’t tempt the inner princess,
with lands, jewels, and magic of afar,
don’t tempt the inner dreamer,
with maps to treasures, spells and stars…

Don’t tempt the beauty…
Don’t tempt the beast,
don’t tempt the darkness,
don’t tempt me.

You think you know my little tricks,
you think you have my riddles solved,
you think you and your clever little self,
are so very much more evolved…

But I breathe fire of the deep,
i’ll sink ships and burn Troy if i’m not more pretty,
i’ll trade my realm, possessed with wanderlust,
and i’ll charm the darkest into a sinful trust…

I’ll break your little world apart.
i’ll wound the sky with my sword,
Don’t dance with or lie to my inner monster ,
it is a wrath like that you’ve never seen before…


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fly on…

Oh sweet little butterfly
don’t settle for any flower that’s pink
don’t give your loving to just any boy
who decides to give you a little sweet…

fly on.. to one who is ready & ripe
to give you all of its nectar and love
you are precious beyond your knowledge,
and he has to know that you’re all he wants

and as short as the sunny days are
and as fleeting as your beauty seems
I beg you not to settle for less,
fly on… until you find the one of dreams…

One who won’t just put up with all your quirks
but who will love you for the way that you twirl
not one who wants to hide you away from the sky,
but is proud to let you shine on his sunny world

Fly on, butterfly out of hope
fly on, butterfly out of dreams
fly on because waiting out there,
is the garden that is worthy of your beauty


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Squiggles and wiggles and hearts

squiggles and wiggles and hearts on the edge
with plenty of swirls and flowers penciled in…
I’m writing letters and can’t help but draw
all the frilly emotions i’m gushing within…

oh no, i’m so stupid, i’m doing it again…
oh somebody make me stop , make it end!
but um, can you wait until we know if it works out?
because i really can’t go back to just friends…

because i like him a lot, i’m not going to lie
and so what? So, he’s not the cutest guy
but he’s funny, and down to earth, and you know what?
it wasn’t even my choice this time…

so squiggles & wiggles & hearts away
my world is caught in a whirl wind of flirty smiles…
well, okay, heart!… go crazy and artsy & weird….
it’s not like i can stop you anyway, so l’ll let you run wild


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learning to love myself alone <3

i really want to fall into somebody’s embrace tonight…
just that comfort of strong arms holding me tight…
and i know that urge, i know exactly what it does…
So, i’m locking myself in, & forbidding myself to run….

Nothing is so scary about being alone…
i just start to bore myself & resist the battle to grow…
but this time i’m not letting myself just go…
i’m going to enjoy my own company without the show…

learn to laugh at the jokes i tell in my head
serenade myself with a guitar on my bed…
going to dress myself up for an evening at home
going to love myself into loving just being alone.

no more guys, no more using them like a crutch…
little darling, it’s time to stop running & grow the heck up…
if i can’t love myself, why would anyone else in the world?
oh so tonight, i’m learning to love this crazy girl…

inside out, laugh for joy with no one to hear…
find an art project or a journey i go on each year…
find that magic, find that beauty in my own soul & mind…
i know it sounds crazy… but i’m learning to love myself tonight.


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