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Time’s magic act

There’s a potion of intermingled hopes and fears.

Time is a magic act, on its own.

It waves its cape and beckons for cheers,

leaving all the aces in sleeves unknown…

Faith is a coat rarely embraced and worn.

Because life here is kind to the weak,

and a suit that is faded and torn,

has no place at the table of Earth’s elite.

Hope is dwindling on fate’s candlestick.

The future always seems eminent.

So precious and powerful, with such a thin wick,

few step into the storm to shield the wind…

…but we must keep hope lit…

For ages and generations of grown wise and passed on,

the world to a new age and generation of fools whom all believe,

they are the greatest, the wisest, and they shall make new laws,

that make this place better than those before could have conceived.

And open minds still need a filter,

and open hearts still need guards,

open dreams, still need solid timber

for we all still live under the stars.

Be cautious, be prudent, be patient, be wise.

Trust those before, for the’ve glimpsed more in their short times.

Be humble, be honest, be rational, be kind.

Be loving, be faithful, be hopeful, be alive.

The magic act has begun

perhaps, it is already halfway through.

You don’t have to stay and watch the show…

you’re allowed to get up, and explore the room.

The potion has already been mixed in your wine,

and you shall both suffer and rejoice with time.

And love is bitter, love is sacrifice, but love is divine.

And it’s the only thing that lasts longer than life.


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drizzly rain outside the subway doesn’t care

you know the light rain outside the subway doesn’t give a care…
and the autumn wind, is getting cold again, just as I feared…

it’s the wild beast that i try to feed, just a little now and then…
but it refuses to change or find some other prey, it still lives within..

oh indecisiveness rules my heart and mind, my words and time,
oh deceptive pangs of longing spike, and strike my judgement blind..

I just want it to be for real, to seal the deal, have it last for good,
he’s jumping in the deep end, while im looking at every other ‘i could’



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you are my sailboat on the bay

and you’re my “if no other stars cross my sky”
“if I search the whole world & can’t find mr. right”
“you’ll be waiting with your sailboat on the bay”…
“let’s meet in 1 year and see how much we have changed”

you’re the black hole of my darkest anger…
where the jealousy and venom melt into one…
you’re the sparkle of excitement of light
mixed with the beat of my wishes’ drum…

you’re my never ever ever love you
but the one i always fall back to
you’re not the words or the tune of my song,
but you are that steady beat i can’t stop…

You say you want to weave your own fate into the stars
say you never meant to bring me any harm…
and when you accidentally broke my heart…
shrug it off, and now I’m torn apart…

you are my cold night waiting hours in the rain…
but solid shelter from life’s pain…
maybe not the most romantic of dreams,
but you have always been there for me…

you say you’ll never stop calling my phone,
say until I’m married, you won’t leave me alone…
you’re my in a year or two we’ll see…
you bring out the best and worst of me…


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fighting the blaze

there were feelings i can’t explain
and all sorts of excuses i couldn’t make…
there was the denial he didn’t believe
and then there was just him waiting for me

there was the stomach flutters within
and the red cheeks i hope he missed
there was urge to push him far away
and then the peeking out to see his face…

and i just want to find out who you really are
deep down beneath the kind heart…
it’s the feelings counteracting the pain
and then the practical fighting the blaze


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when you capture the wild

once you capture the sparkle in the child’s eye,
hold the reflection of a ripple on a sunny stream,
grasp the rainbow’s colored vibrance in your hand,
or control the tide & the waves on the beach…

then, shall be the day, my free spirit shall too
be caught from the wild & tamed in a jar…
but the problem with waves, sparkles, & me…
is that once you tame them, they lose their meaning

the sparkle shall dull into a dim florescent light
and a ripple becomes nothing more than stagnant pond
the colorful vibrance shall be all but lost once forced still,
and the waves shall not seize until the moon is gone…

So beware your mission holds great danger,
beware, I prefer to fly in the winds of fate…
don’t be too hasty to fall for that wild mustang,
because, this little one, prefers the world’s stage…


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glorious heights

somewhere between the moon and the stars,
between space & time, our minds & our hearts…
the trust in our dream was lost and vanished away
We self-fulfilled our prophesy, as colors turned grey…

but the passion and brightness of saturated lights
the rushed heart beats and desire of unmatched heights,
I shall not forget the glorious fire we burned in vibrant moments too close…
and I shall miss you for all my time, or until another love so over-grows…


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listen little lady bug…

Cute little lady bug,
you ain’t got time to be stuck
with listening to me
and my wishes rambling…

but ill hold you clasped tight
until i’ll catch a firefly tonight
just so i can have a friend
to listen to the endlessness…

Oh I know… we had a flame,
and now you say let it burn…
but I’m finally solid free of heat
no more guy, no more hurt…

Oh I just want to run away
and so i bought a ticket on a plane
to fly across the ocean blue
and now you say that you want to come too…

Oh who am I to say this side is mine?
and you can’t come along?
but really i just want to have my adventure
and my own song…

i bought that ticket one-way
free of all the drama every day…
so fly away miss lady bug…
go be free, just leave me a little luck…


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