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let the stupid honesty begin…

And let the honesty begin
because i suck at pretending we’re just friends.
I tried to act like i didn’t care
but it was all i could do not pull out that girl’s hair…

Who says we can’t work out?
i mean 3 years is kind of awkward, it’s true,
but I’m tired of acting like a brat,
because I’m so jealous over you….

So much for dark curly brown hair…
and so much for dating a guy in the NFL,
so much for staying single for a few years…
my stupid heart rolled it’s eyes at me & fell…

fell for your ridiculously big blue eyes
and when i get all angry & fiesty,
how you hold my arms down and close…
i fell for your reliability to always be timely…

i fell for your convictions set in stone,
and how you always think for yourself,
i fell for how you get me to climb mountains,
and how you have a great perspective on wealth…

honestly i love your huge family,
and as much as i enjoy playing around,
darn it, i can’t really play with you because,
you are the best match i’ve ever found….

Do i hate that this is you? you from back in highschool?
yes, i hated you & ur whole group’s guts back then…
but evidently that really doesn’t matter for much anymore…
because between the two cons & a million pros, you win…


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Big Blue, Beautiful eyes…again

Those big blue eyes
With big black holes
Sucking me in to find
If we are kindred souls

I don’t want to look at you
I don’t want to see your smile
I don’t want to hear your voice
It ain’t worth my while

Cuz if I talk to you
I’ll start to reconsider
Cuz if I hear you laugh
I’ll start to smile inside
& if we spend more time
My heart will again begin
To Fall into those big blue eyes
And the black holes within

I ain’t gonna take you back
i won’t even smile your way
but I still wonder if you
ever regret our yesterday

I ask myself If I had done this
Maybe if I hadn’t done that
But that’s the way I am
And this is where we’re at

And I may have told you no
I may have left you behind
But you still let me go
& u didn’t really try

so you can say that it was all me
and u can accuse me of heart break
but we both know you’re just dodging responsibility
for not sucking up ur pride & asking me to stay

so while you may have big blue eyes
with black holes that make me travel through time
& u may have tempting words that sound rather wise
& while we may have had times, absolutely sublime
… I refuse to fall into your big blue, beautiful, eyes.

I can’t go back to the way things were
Or turn them into what they should have been
Now that is all just a blur
After all I’ve been through. I ain’t doin’ it again.


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