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want you to feel like me

I used to write songs for you and I
I used to dream in vivid colors of our future life
And as it fades away, into an inky tearful night,
I want nothing more, than to look at you & lie…

I wanna say I never thought we’d work anyway
I wanna lie & say I am so over all those yesterdays
I wanna say that I was just waiting for you to break…
I wanna lie, save my pride, and save my face…

But this time, you should really hear
All the anger, hurt, and wasted tears,
Want to make you feel as insecure as I do here,
And strip you of all I gave you these years….

Want to make your pride sting and your ego bend,
I hope you feel ugly and totally unwanted,
I hope you feel used and abused and then…
I hope you never get over it in the end…

But more than anything,
I want you to really see,
Just what a cold hearted bitch
That you have made of me.

for a friend who is going through a divorce


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haunted by the question i never asked

I’ve thought quite a bit about you
your words and arms and dreams
you reached so far into my depth
then held my essence with you when i left…

you’d suppose I’d be thinking more
of other eyes and other hearts
ones who I could ever see for sure
but my heart only longs for yours…

You’ve moved on after, what? 2 years?
that Swedish non-chalance and gentle care
and the frustrating part is, i may have lost it
but i can’t let that dream die within

until i hear you say it from depth to depth
i should never have moved or run from the question
that has haunted & followed me since that day
I’ll never move on, with my heart captive in yesterday…


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Let “us” Rest In Peace

Don’t lie to me, I can see through your tears…
You’re just covering up how much you really don’t care…
Don’t make me feel worse than I already do…
Stop making me keep holding on to you

Oh this ain’t healthy, And this ain’t right
We both know it’s over, We’re both tired of the fight
Oh & I’m tired of waiting for this uneasiness to end…
For just once why don’t we Just call this what it is???

Oh ‘it’ is over… & we’re so through
And I thought I could make things work out with you
But I just feel awful inside, guilty all the time,
Like I won’t ever feel this is right & I know that I don’t love you… so fine-

I’m not going to lie through my tears
Just to cover up how much I don’t care…
Don’t make me feel worse than I already do
For having already let go of you…

it wasn’t healthy, & it wasn’t right…
i mean it this time, this is the end to the fight…
just let me go… oh… just let me leave
just let us go… and…just let ‘us’ rest in peace…


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