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tragedy of the norm

took my hope and took my heart
took my dreams and lit a spark,
should’ve known fire burns
and that a burn leaves a scar…

got no tragedy to mourn
was only a victim to the norm,
undervalued what we had
and thought it not worth fighting for…

but some times the fire stays
and sometimes it don’t even fade
and when the winds blow in your face,
sometimes, it just strengthens the flame.

So i left, and you moved on…
like every one-who-got-away song…
should of listened to the radio
before i made the same wrong…

took my hope and took my heart
took my dreams and lit a spark,
should’ve known fire burns
and that a burn leaves a scar…

i know you are only human
i remember you as a friend
as the one who taught me to love,
and since whom i haven’t loved again…


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never had a day you weren’t my first

and i can go search the world, for the second best heart
i can go travel lands & seas, but you will always be in my dreams…
because you stole my heart in a way songs can’t express…
i can’t give it to anyone else, freaking love never is what it seems…

oh so here’s to letting the only one who was my only one… get away….
& here’s to moving on, & all the empty moments since you’ve been gone, …i pray… i try to pray

that someday you will remember my face in your dreams too,
I think it’s about time i break the break, & maybe tell you???

have u realized neither of us will ever be at peace again?
until we turn our bridge into a castle or burn it into ash?
i’m not the kind to look back & live in all my yesterdays,
but since I left you, I still have haven’t gotten my heart back…

never had a day since the day that i met you
i didn’t regret leaving you behind, im telling the truth
and all these guys in the world, will always be second best
after standing next to you, i can’t stand to stand next to anything less.


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why do burns keep their sting?

Why does it all have to cut so deep?
why does the burn have to keep it’s sting?
why does it feel like every word turns into a bruise?
i just miss being close to you….

and you raise your voice just to make me hear
but i can’t hear you after that over my fear
how have you & I changed so much from how it used to be?
it’s like we can’t figure out what the other is saying…

we used to stay up playing cards
till the middle of the night,
now we stay up just to fuss
or to end up having some awful fight…

used to join you on car rides
just sing country songs with you
now you’re using it as leverage
to force me to do what you want me to…

I used to think you could never be wrong,
you had all the answers to life
but now everything seems like we’re out of sync
& this definitely doesn’t feel right…

i just want to feel like you love me again
but i can’t figure out how to tell you through the tears
over the fighting & debating & gritted teeth,
our old hearts are lost, & it’s two new people standing here…


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choose a path

oh to burn burn burn
burn like a fire in my dreams
oh & i’d light up the world,
and somehow change everything…

but then you wake up to the alarm
and it’s just how it always was
work, chores, sleep,
and not affecting anyone…

oh but someday,
i’ll consume this world like the sun
oh if only, i could choose
a path instead of just a nice run…


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source of strength outside myself

Let me tell you the truth
I’m not as strong as I seem.
In fact most of the strength I have,
doesn’t even come from within me…

But that’s the beauty of hope,
it’s the beauty of the cross,
it’s the beauty of the rainbow,
it’s the beauty of giving it up to God…

And let me admit I mess up,
I am as human as human can be…
But that is no excuse to quit,
and I shall never stop my trying…

to be bigger & better than I am.
to purge myself out of my life…
all the selfish desires & thoughts
and ignore any bitterness & lies…

Because fate is good to the fearless,
because hope burns brightest in the dark,
because love proves to strength in itself,
and I have an ever chasing heart…

I shall always chase that gold at the end of the rainbow,
chase that dream beyond what I’m qualified for,
and I must know that you will do the same for us,
and that together we can become so much greater & more…

May it ever burn on,
sure it hurts, but it’s bright.
we can do this, we can make it…
have faith, & believe in the power of one life.



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Love BURNS!!!

Love is not a hushed whisper
Love is a heart’s cry.
Love is not a mere word,
love is written with our lives…

Love is not a subtle feeling
love is not the kind to spurn..
love radiates when it glows
For at the core, love burns…

Love burns within a soul,
a fire eating everything else away,
centering our focus
upon the truth we can not escape…

It keeps you warm in the cold,
it purges out the imperfections
for true love is a fire of joy & pain
living off daily dedications

be careful whom you love
for fire is no toy
do not kindle up a spark
with just any sweet boy…

It can eat you alive
it can burn away & die
or it can fuel your life
Love burns… hear my heart cry…

it’s a reason to live
it’s a beacon to guide
don’t let this fire go out!
keep it burning alive!!!


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