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freedom within

Freedom is what they all claimed they wanted
but they built chains onto their walls & doors
then they wor armor out into the world
and wonder why they can’t frolic away from mundane chores?

and i am your girl for taking chances
on just about anything but hurting my heart
though i’m starting see you get what you give
and i’m tired of only getting a little part…

oh so not yet, but someday soon
i’ll learn how to love & be loved too
oh, i’m not alone, there are others who
want to be truly free before they say ‘i do’…

so don’t rush me just yet
give me 18 months and then
i’ll fly home and say when…
then i’ll start to love again.

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A thanks offering

Thank God finally,
He came through for me!
Want to go live my life,
as a thanks offering!

I don’t have much to give…
just a jaded heart of whims,
But God loves the broken-hearted,
saying ‘Ammi! Ruhama!’ to them….

Better of a day of toils
with the peace of sleep,
than restless wealth,
gained without stopping,

yet, i am grateful for work,
It is a gift to be of use,
So, in this small act of thanks,
Lord, this poem is for you…

A small token of thanks,
for the chance to give back,
and, may i never forget that,
i owe you all I ever make or have…


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un-ended, unsaid, i miss you.

Like the ending I never read…
like the language, I never knew,
like the meal I always burn,
I wish I had gotten to know you, true…

Like a song, cut off early,
like a flower picked, before it blooms,
like the spilled cup of coffee,
you & I, were forced apart too soon…

& i wish i had given you a real chance.
& i wish you would come & give me one now,
& i wish we could find a way,
to finish being friends, somehow…

I think we could have been more,
i think we could have been complete,
of course I think a lot for a girl,
who doesn’t really know anything..

We could have been that ending,
I would have learned a language for you,
like that perfectly roasted turkey,
we could love each other through & through.

we could have written a whole song
let a dozen roses finish their bloom,
& like a warm morning mocha coffee,
I wish i could be there for you…

It’s like running after your bus
& watching as it speeds away.
like goodbye, as chances of ‘us’
become the certainty of yesterday…

It’s funny, i was taking it slow,
taking my time, before moving ahead,
thinking you could be the one,
then, i left you. & all my feelings… unsaid.


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