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fishing in the sky, or breaking into the dark

and the vines of hope soar like beanstalks toward the stars
intertwining in wishes, and seeking another heart
there isn’t always giants with treasures above the clouds
some times the greatest values are masked as hard work on the ground…

if diamonds, jewels, and gold are all found hidden beneath,
and we are willing to break our backs just to catch one of these things…
ought we naught look underneath how things always appear…
how long will it take us to learn, magic and beans won’t get us there…

all the wealth on earth, whether in a heart or of the ground
requires digging and moving some piled up things around
i know it doesn’t look pretty, as you’re still fishing in the stars,
but I’m the kind of jewel royals use to adorn their hearts…

so you dug up a diamond of the deep
in your search for a magic bean,
you leave me here to go climb into the sky,
or we can kindle a fire, and let our love be purified…


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how crazy ‘crazy’ can be

so you can sweet talk with all you’ve got
you can feed your tasty dreams of a tied knot
you can say you’re stubborn, but i’m already gone

by february i’ll have been set free
you thought u wanted crazy,
but that was before
you knew how crazy “crazy” can be

tell them that I lost my mind
tell them that i was too eager to try
tell them that some red haired devil got to me…

tell them that i’m sick of being a square,
tell them that this little town in nowhere
has gotten just a little too small for me…

tell them it was the alien’s mental snare,
or tell them that God has called me there
or just tell them i went all out crazy…and am living in a dream

because i am.


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Is love really a choice?

Is love really a choice?

could i turn it down if it were true?

Is it something I can’t fight?

or do I have to choose to follow through?

Could I pass by forever?

because I’m too proud to admit it?

Im just curious how love works?

& whether I would know if I’m in it?

If i deny it long enough,

would it go away?

or does it keep coming back,

until I’m ready to play?

I doubt our paths will cross again,

but, I can still hear his voice

And I wonder, once more…

Is love really a choice?

Do you have to choose to accept it?

or is it all a choice, every morning?

Could I choose anyone & be just as happy?

if we mutually settled for boring?

Because the one who makes me laugh,

I have to leave behind up here…

I’m sure there will be more,

maybe someone else will also care?

What do you think?

is it a choice or destiny?

who am I to question?

I mean, i have to leave…


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