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the time has come for blood

the time has finally come,
he dipped into the blood of his son,
rained blessings before my path
and pardoned me from his wrath…

With only forgiveness & hope
for the first time in a long time, i’m not alone
the honest truth unfolds like rainclouds
and like a hot rain, soaks and surrounds

An overwhelming gush of heart
touched all my apathetic parts
And suddenly I feel sorry, i feel free
i feel hope, i feel love, i feel missing…

i feel the rain, i feel the sun
i feel the guilt, but don’t need to run
because above all the hurt & fears
i feel the forgiveness & i feel his tears

smoke burn into my lungs tonight
as i search in the blotchy moonlight
where has he gone? where is my God?
I never meant to stray that far or that long…

and tonight, the world felt real again
today, he wasn’t my enemy, but my friend
tonight i missed him, and he lost no time
in reaching into my flames & grasping me tight


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and yet

Rested… it sounds so far away
I am so tired and exhausted these days
peace… it seems so abstract
everyone desire something they lack….

Hope, often seems in vain
it holds no power on anyone’s fate
and truth, can be so harsh
it seems like ignorance fuels the dark

yet, I must find rest
in my endless quest
and i shall follow the peace
i shall savor the sweet

and hope, i shall hold it dear
for it’s all i have in times of fear…
and truth, i must always know
for a life of lies is lived alone

change, the world always will
and before too long, we’ll all have our fill…
faith… so hard to understand how…
but it’s the root of all meaning i’ve found…

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knight the skeleton queen

Just watch me crash & burn
f*** this whole universe…
i let my dark side loose…
somewhere inside i always knew

oh, fire & a beast…
oh shatter the star’s light & knight the queen
oh hell & satan let loose
can’t shut the portal I’ve been opening….

Just a dark poem here or there…
just let my mind wander toward the scare
but the fire rages through and bleeds
consumes all the positive energy…

now i’m just a skeleton queen
watch the flames fall from the sky
hear the echo of the battle cry…
Let it be just an evil dream…

no more dark poetry for me.


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becomming an evacuee

Day 1-
“Oh my gosh, how awful!
The smoke is hurting my eyes,
did they really need to close the highway?
I’ll have to postpone my shopping time.”

Day 2-
“um, the fire is still burning,
& it’s billowing sheets of smoke our way…
Staying glued to the news, alarming,
but grateful it isn’t us at least today…”

Day 3-
Now we are on pre-evacuation,
but I doubt it will ever come this close,
I guess decide what you would pack,
but we probably won’t actually have to go…”

Day 4-
I guess we should make plans to go tomorrow
and all of a sudden that red line on the map
is within 1.5 miles of our home & my bed,
But now i am too much in shock to pack…

Day 5-
the sherrif rings our doorbell
informs us we have 1 hour to get out…
Groceries, towels, journals, heirlooms,
are all stuffed in as fireman’s voices shout…

I look over the hill as we drive…
I can see the flames just over the trees…
I’ve seen this before in movies…
but it wasn’t my home, my life on the brink of burning…

evacuated. scared.
helpless & afraid.
thankful for life, but, how do you live
when everything in your life is at stake?

My work is evacuated,
we have nothing to do but wait…
our house may be fine,
or my carload, may be all that’s saved…

God help all of us here,
all those in Colorado & the west today…
dear bloggers if you have a moment,
please send a prayer our way


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source of strength outside myself

Let me tell you the truth
I’m not as strong as I seem.
In fact most of the strength I have,
doesn’t even come from within me…

But that’s the beauty of hope,
it’s the beauty of the cross,
it’s the beauty of the rainbow,
it’s the beauty of giving it up to God…

And let me admit I mess up,
I am as human as human can be…
But that is no excuse to quit,
and I shall never stop my trying…

to be bigger & better than I am.
to purge myself out of my life…
all the selfish desires & thoughts
and ignore any bitterness & lies…

Because fate is good to the fearless,
because hope burns brightest in the dark,
because love proves to strength in itself,
and I have an ever chasing heart…

I shall always chase that gold at the end of the rainbow,
chase that dream beyond what I’m qualified for,
and I must know that you will do the same for us,
and that together we can become so much greater & more…

May it ever burn on,
sure it hurts, but it’s bright.
we can do this, we can make it…
have faith, & believe in the power of one life.



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The angels love us

There’s a gentle hush of voices
Whispering in excitement from the sky…
The angels know another great love story
Divinely crafted, has finally come to life…

It must be so frustrating for the angels,
Watching us bounce off wrong lovers all the way,
When they knew we were meant for each other,
Yet I’m glad they let us take our time & wait…

From above, it must have been laughable,
Me stressing over some break up back then,
While you comforted me, saying with certainty,
That any man would be lucky to call me his…

I’m sure they giggled as I skyped my girlfriends to sleep,
Asking how could I be so stupid as to fall for you!?
Surely I had missed my chance & you’d moved on…
If only either of us had known what time would do….

Oh the angels love us, I know…
Because I see them twinkle in the stars with glee,
They zip around glowing with the milky way,
And they sing praise of God’s perfect plan in the breeze

Oh, if I were to be an angel,
This would be my favorite part…
Knowing the two lost souls had finally
Found their way into love’s sweet heart.


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Rise in His heart on Easter!

It’s about forgiveness,
it’s about love,
it’s about learning to have faith,
it’s about learning to trust…

it’s about knowing that evil
is when free will breaches’ God’s will…
and that every time we love,
it’s God we’re feeling, as we’re fulfilled,

So Holy Spirit rise & move in me!
move in your church, the people pray,
let us no longer judge so harshly,
let us hope in you on Easter day…

Set fire to the hearts of apathy,
breathe mercy in the hearts that are cold,
breathe courage into the hearts of the weak,
and help those of us fearful, become bold…

i pray for me to understand i don’t
i don’t know everything that they have done,
and that I hold compassion in my heart,
and not the desire to measure & judge…

Let’s breathe hope into despair,
breathe joy into the darkening days…
Lord rise & rise & rise again in our hearts,
oh, you are holy in your mercy & grace…

let us live, let us love,
let us remember to say thanks,
let us forgive & give of ourselves,
oh church of believers, let us pray…


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