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you are my cuprit, victim, and mystery

you are the embodiment of my every extreme
the one closest to my heart, and farthest from me,
you are the sunshine, the thunderstorm, and diamond nights,
you are the cause and solution to my burning inner fight

you are the loser and champion of every debate,
you are the confusion and clarity when i’m insane,
the one i’ll always attack, and always defend,
you are the newest lover, and oldest friend,

when it comes down to it, you are my blessing and curse
like ying and yang, we are intertwined by the universe
you are the fire that drives my heart into a tizzy,
and the peace that you give me, to calm my inner busy…

you are the neons, the glowing, the black hole, the dreams,
you are the culprit, the victim, and my own mystery,
you are the wishes, and the wished for, the wisher, and the star
you hold the questions, the answers, and the maze to my heart


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& start over by Staying.

One master to serve

Who will it be?

Father was answered by silence

At the end of his homily.

I looked down at my hands

Caressing a rosary ring…

Flashed back 24 hours

To what I was drinking…


I got fired from my bar

Said they’d take me back but only if

I promised to be reliable

& am willing to commit

Called up my dad, 3 time zones away

He said to pick my mentors & grow,

But just to keep in mind that,

they can only teach [me] what they know


If I choose to leave this job

I guess I don’t have to leave the state

I need to learn to break decisions down

& not to over-complicate…

I guess I can stay here

Guess tonight isn’t as tough as I did think

Never really occurs to me

That you can start over while staying.



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Posted by on October 20, 2011 in Decisions, introspective, Poetry


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