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To reach… and reach again

A baby’s hand reaching out to be held…

A child reaching to catch fireflies.

A couple whom keep reaching to hold hands,

A poet reaching for the right words to write…


There is something beautiful about reaching,

Reaching beyond that which we have always known…

Whether reaching for a dream, a heart, a loved one, or passion,

Those whom are willing to reach are never alone.


So reach for the forgiveness within your heart

reach for the strength beyond that of any man

reach for the peace to love and risk broken trust,

reach beyond the depths, reach and reach again…


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courage of another sort

they say to plan it all out
they say to keep an eye on the tide,
they say to stay close to the shore,
but i say you only get one ride…

and oh it’s a deep sea, indeed…
and the reality is some will sink…
but I would rather fall short of stars,
than live my life in mediocrity…

you already have it all! it all!
& in your prime as you will ever be…
you only have one life here anyway…
and it’s a trade worth making…

you can live in the middle 80 years…
or you could make “living” your new career…
ain’t no shame in a few cuts & scrapes here & there..
best thing about loosing it all, is there’s nothing to fear…

i think brave is a term i should reserve for my brother
but there’s another sort of courage, i’d reserve for others…
for those moments when the green zig zag holds it’s beep,
and the man still holds her hand & somehow, his belief…

for the woman who watches her daughter leave home
trusting God will teach & lead her as she goes…
for the priest that leaves his country & loved ones behind
and for all those who refuse to let their hope ever slow…


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give a little smile, aint that bad

Give a little smile & remember
life ain’t ever as serious as it seems…
Take time to respect that everyone
has a story behind all that they believe…

let the joy soak in like a pouring rain
keep burns on the outside of your skin…
Sure it’s life, but this life on Earth,
oh trust me, this is not where it ends….

because ~

there is a here & heaven after…
A meaning under the mess we’ve made…
You can’t take the supernatural
out of our search for hope in today…

There are such things as miracles,
Out of sorrow, grace can prevail…
& even if it is not before our eyes or here on Earth…
in the end, love never fails…

in the end, love never fails…

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I shall fight. it’s my choice to make.

And I will fight fight fight,
fight until the battle is won,
i am the heartless queen,
with the urge to flee and run…

And I’m torn in two,
as to when it’s wrong or right,
i feel my heart beats drum,
like the soldiers’ before a fight…

But I will love love love,
love beyond when my heart breaks,
never going to give her up,
I’ll do whatever it takes…

And I will sound a battle cry,
in my tears on my journal page…
rousing courage within myself,
to push through another stress filled day…

Aint no U-turns allowed,
it’s a high-speed chase,
But don’t tell me it’s too much,
this is my life & choice to make.


i wrote this today about my sister. (she has aspeger’s/suicidal & many feel she should be in a mental facility) however, i think it also applies well to a woman i know who had a child & chose to fight to keep it & put it up for adoption. i know the child. such an inspirational story. beautiful.


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let love breathe…

I ain’t no romantic by nature,
but i’d pick a wild flower for you…
I ain’t one to sit around & plan the future,
but it’s all I sit around doing with you…

And you know I ain’t one to say all i’m thinking..
but you can read my mind anyway….
No sense in hiding all the dreams i’ve been dreaming…
when you’re my first thought of every day…

After keeping love unnamed for far too long,
i feel like i have to let it finally breathe fresh air…
again & again, overused cuz it’s true, and….
So nice to finally be here, just can’t wait to be there…

So, i won’t try to hush or stifle that word,
i won’t try to play hard to get or aloof,
Love’s been stifled plenty long enough, you know…
let’s breathe some love between me & you


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TO BE, or to fear?… Resolve of the fearful

BE INSPIRED… i’m trying so hard…
so hard to believe that love is attainable..
BE COURAGEOUS… so very hard
not to shrink from all the risks upon the table…

BE HONEST… who really is?
is that vulnerable when they can’t know?
BE TRUSTING… who knows how?
I only trust my own heart not to run or go…

But then again, it’s running now,
running away with my only chance at love,
if i can’t trust my best friend of years,
then how will i ever be able to open up?

He’s done nothing wrong, but steal my love,
nothing but be sweet & loyal & true…
I hate this stupid wary guarded heart of mine…
and how it tries to pull me away from you…

BUT I SHALL NOT GO! I am inspired…
i shall not back down, i believe in us.
I honestly didn’t know this love existed…
stronger than my own will to run…

I WILL love you forever.
I WILL marry you someday,
I SHALL NOT let my own fear
take the best thing I’ve ever had away….


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today, is not a video game

Today, I am stronger than yesterday
today, I feel my stamina go up
& if this was a war video game,
Then my ammo would last just long enough…

Today, I am a little braver,
though, just as scared as last night,
But, courage isn’t the measure of fear,
it’s how far past your fears you can rise

Today, I like myself better,
I am okay with never being the best.
God grant that I shall never shrink
in the face of a Devil’s test…

Today, it occurs to me,
It’s just a short lived life…
today, i put down my weapons,
because, it’s not about the strife,

today, i realized
we must all surrender at the end of the war…
To whom will I surrender?
to love, to despair, or to not caring anymore?

Today is no easier,
but today, i am strong.
today, for just one day,
why don’t you pray along?

If this was a video game,
I’d be disqualified.
because I refuse to live
by the rules of this life.


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Survivor; try me.

I’m definitely the weakest.
but i always will survive.
maybe just scratch by,
but alive is still alive…

You ask me if i’m ready
to really add something more
i can’t help but kind of laugh
shrug & mumble, “sure”…

Try me.

i’m like that scrawny kid
who just doesn’t know when to give up
And whenever the school bully punches him
he just falls, then get’s back up….

Try me.

i’m like a piece of grass,
you can step on me again & again;
but a heart shall never break,
as long as it knows how to bend…

Try me.

I may look like I know nothing
about life or hard times,
but, let me give you a quick taste,
just a small dose of my life…

I’ve been stranded in the Rocky mountains,
I’ve lived in a Mayan village for weeks…
I survived being held at gun point…
All of a sudden, im not feeling so weak…

I’ve gone through family tragedy,
watching a brother & a sister both try
to steal their lives from the world…
And, never once in public did I cry…

I came down with Scarlet Fever
& pneumonia at the same time,
but just like when i had two dear friends die,
I always find a way to survive.

I’ve lived on my own before,
working graveyard shifts to make ends meet,
it was nothing glamorous at all,
but i made enough for rent & food to eat.

I’ve had my share of being mistreated
by guys in ways i won’t write.
i’ve had my share of leaving all those
i love & moving on with my life…

I’m not saying that i do it perfect,
i’m not even saying that i do it right.
all i’m saying is that I can do it…
All I’m saying, is that I survive.

After all, I have already been tried.


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just a thought gone regret

it was just a silly thought
one that flashed through my head
I didn’t really mean to say it
but, the words came out loud, to my dread…

Truly, I am so sorry,
i don’t know the meaning myself,
so don’t ask me to explain,
when it’s new to me, as well…

Oh, memo to self,
keep my mouth shut!
Tis better to always wonder
than to be in this sort of rut…

Digging my way out…
this is gunna take forever.
just hope I mean enough to you,
for our friendship to endeavor….

This whole poem, is out of me imagining what would happen if i spilled the beans. I’ve decided to keep my secret.

©Lilyanna Danielovitch 2012


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Live life all the way around…

A moonstone chandelier
& a brass painted stallion on wood
I stared around in wonder, trying,
to absorb into recall all that I could

Tea time with fine china
& ginger-like German cakes
This 22 year old girl sat in awe
of all the stories they say…

I’ve grown fond of these neighbors
as, I know they’ve grown fond of me,
& she tells me about German traditions
and travelling over many a sea…

a wonderful full life,
she’s lived the circle round,
& now she loves to share the wisdom
and show off the treasures she’s found….

He prefers to simply nod now & then,
or raise an eyebrow in obvious doubt
But I guess I would be doing the same thing,
if I was married to the best speaker in town…

She steals the stage with
her royal, fairytale grace
And he’s there with his arm around her
every step along the way…

As we sip our hot cocoa
& she tells me about places i can’t pronounce,
I hope someday I should too,
have had such an adventure to brag about

I don’t mean an adventure for a week
but an adventure that lasts all my life ’round,
until, I too, am ready to move to a small town
& find some girl to pass my wisdom down…

©Lilyanna Danielovitch 2012


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