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certainty of tears/ the glue & the nails

My heart knows certainty
when I’m crying outloud…
when i’ve given up on pretending
i’m okay, & i’m not down…

You’re soft voice always answers
‘hey, you… tell me it all?”
the words tumble all over the air
then together, we take a fall…

we fall into each other like each time before,
you remind me why i’m so very blessed,
then sweet stories & reminiscing
turn tears to laughter and happiness…

What would i do without you?
i mean really, who else can fix me like you do?
when i’m so broken & in pieces,
you know exactly where each part of me goes to…

Thank you God for bringing you into my life
rebuilt my heart like a puzzle, hundreds of times,
you’re not only the builder, but the glue & the nails
that holds me together, & makes it all right

i love you,
i miss you,
wish you weren’t far away…
i’ll wait,
we’re worth it
just take it day by day…


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