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don’t tempt the inner goddess

Don’t feed the inner dragon,
no matter how hot the fire he may breathe…
Don’t tempt the inner goddess,
with golden apples or a dual of manipulative strength,

Don’t tempt the inner princess,
with lands, jewels, and magic of afar,
don’t tempt the inner dreamer,
with maps to treasures, spells and stars…

Don’t tempt the beauty…
Don’t tempt the beast,
don’t tempt the darkness,
don’t tempt me.

You think you know my little tricks,
you think you have my riddles solved,
you think you and your clever little self,
are so very much more evolved…

But I breathe fire of the deep,
i’ll sink ships and burn Troy if i’m not more pretty,
i’ll trade my realm, possessed with wanderlust,
and i’ll charm the darkest into a sinful trust…

I’ll break your little world apart.
i’ll wound the sky with my sword,
Don’t dance with or lie to my inner monster ,
it is a wrath like that you’ve never seen before…


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here’s to inspiration

tonight i feel completely mediocre

i feel totally uninspired within my soul
& thus a new revelation choses to unfold…
tis better to have days of darkness & light
than to live a life of nothing but numb pride…

I’d rather feel the thrill of hope
and cry my heart out in the depths of despair
knowing full well the full spectrum of feelings
than to live my life desensitized & unaware…

so here is to everything in life that inspires…
whether love, hurt, hope, or pain…
here’s to the songs, the poems, the dramas…
& here is to the life not lived in vain…


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too small

My tears are too small, for the sorrows they carry
my shoulders too small, for the burden they bear
my heart is too small, to love all the way through this
and my hope is dwindling, how much more can i care?

My feet are too small, to fill the footsteps,
predestined for me to fill by now,
My ambitions too small, to get me anywhere,
& i feel my cup being emptied out…

Maybe I’m just too small a person
to live this whole life through that way,
i act & i write & i pray & i fight…
to convince myself i’m stronger than they.

who am i kidding?
i’m darker than them all
I must be the weakest,
the smallest of the small…

fallen from the angel they see me as
to the devil’s own lair
i traded in my heartfelt love,
for numbness, not to feel or care.


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i want to be weak

I look in the mirror of the bathroom i locked myself in.
i see red eyes overflowing with salty streams of tears..
I see tiny beads trailing down my cheek to my chin,
I don’t bother to wipe away the floating ships of fears…

No, now, i shall let my heart storm…
I will open wide the floodgates of my soul.
I want to see myself cry. i want to see the pain.
i want proof that i care. i want myself to be the fool.

I need to know i’m not hardened within,
i need to let tears blur my journal page,
i’m so sick of being the strong one,
i’m so sick of hiding the frustration & rage.

Yet even now as I let my breathing shudder,
even as i feel lightning burn my heart within,
i shall never let another witness this darkness,
no… this darkness is too dark to share with them.

I must be the light for everyone else…
Oh God, i want so bad to just be weak.
Oh Hell, i know what that feels like now.
Oh escape is what i desperately seek…


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Every kiss of hope… for you

A hushed warmth shivered the leaves
As the dusk washed over the light
& a single leaf was swept through the breeze
& kissed me on the cheek tonight…

a fine mist rhythmically tagged the wood,
& the dock cradled me gently along,
A warm summer breeze rippled the lake,
as the crickets chimed me their song…

The glittering winter sparkled
icicles glistened in the moon’s thick glow
And as I breathed white clouds into being,
A snowflake kissed me as it melted on my nose….

A hillside of bluebonnets & daisies awaken
as the velvet sky of glittering stars depart
With an overwhelming joy & peace
The sunrise warmly consoles my heart…

Oh the breath-taking beauty of nature
hardly hides it’s love for my tender spirit…
With every kiss of hope, God whispers,
a message, & I wish you to hear it…

“Child, I spread Eden among the earth,
I light the skies on fire to burn.
For I love sending you peace & beauty,
& I love you even more than you could earn…

…for ’twas I who loved you first…. twas i who molded your face, Tis I who watches over, Tis I am who am your grace.”


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