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wanderlust of the heart

i want to feel it all
every tear, every dream, every pulse of light,
i want it to sink into my soul
and bring all the meaningless mundane alive…

i want to feel everything
i want to feel the loss of a love so true & long
then the liberation of breaking free
and swim in the wanderlust of exploring abroad…

a petrifying fear that turns me white with cold sweat
as my senses leep into a keen awareness of every sound,
and the senseless reckless desire to just face every dare
and then a peace of rocking in a kayak with water rushing around

i want intense passion and joy and an everlasting love
to feel the that winning sensation of accomplishment rise
i want to feel the mundane, and feel the urge to run
and then to know deep down that i’m both a fool and a prize

i want to feel it all
and then travel to even more lands.
to gather sands of emotions
that i can let run through my hands…

but more than anything else,
i don’t want to gather treasures here in this life,
but memories and loved ones
full of every meaning brought and felt alive…


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when i shall give up on thee

When the clouds fall to earth
and the waters rise from beneath
when the melodies hidden in the wind
are shaken to the ground & released

When the morning refuses to dawn
and the flowers only grow black & white
indeed when nature too, goes wild
then I shall surrender my crazy fight

for it is only natural, my dear
that i should fight through verses & tears
to trust you so much it hurt to know
that i should never again, trust or love anyone so….

So when the darkness is shattered
and the stallions gallop above the trees,
indeed, when the heavens give up on earth,
then & only then, shall i give up on thee….


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Everyone knows, that nobody knows…

You don’t even know
to whom my heart flies,
so why would you ask me,
if I’m ready to give us a try?…

when I don’t even know
how to tame my wild soul
Oh & you know how i am,
why make us both into fools?

when nobody knows…
how to unravel my chaos within
& nobody really can get
within touching distance of it…

And I’ve grown too proud
to lay my head on the shoulder of another
And i’ve grown too wise,
to expect some exception full of wonder…

Nobody knows, not you not me…
nobody asks any more, you see…
they all are sure, it’s as it always was
plenty of choices, my choice always coming undone….


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heart in the hands of another

If you put your heart in the hands of another,
heart break is all that you can expect in return…
So i shall hold my heart in the freezer of time,
and deny you the warmth for which you yearn…

but then as months move forward i begin to get cold,
and realize that only in risking it’s loss, can love be received…
So i cautiously broke my heart, and gave you one piece at a time…
then i looked at my hands and saw all the blood i’d released…

So whole hearted or cold hearted, i shall no longer break
my own being for the sake of preserving my cautious dignity…
And what is love preserved frozen until I die alone?..
but some sad shadow of all that very well still could be?

So i’m thawing out this cold hearted bitch i’ve become…
and this time when i trust my heart in the hands of another,
I shall judge ahead how worthy & strong are those hands
because to me he must be more than just another… he must be my lover…


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