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deep and far away

Once I felt a reason, and we had our season,
when I could have loved you, I could have loved you…
you sought out answers, to every question
that I ever asked you, that I ever asked you….

But rain and snow and hail came in our winter,
And I just couldn’t make it through to summer days…
I don’t know why I couldn’t keep going, i couldn’t love you.
I can’t really answer the one question you gave…

I know it wasn’t fair, i turned off the water to our fountain,
and you were still there, just wanting to hold my hand.
I don’t know where or what happened to our seasons..
honestly, i don’t think either of us will ever understand….

once I felt a reason, and we had our season,
and I could have loved you, i could have loved you, but walked away
you gave me so many answers so very many answers
and i couldn’t tell you a single reason, even a bad one, that i walked away

somewhere there in the shadow of time, in the base of words, and the depth of rhymes
I’m still searching, I”m still digging in my soul,
somewhere so deep, so very cold, somewhere so very hard,
can anybody ever love something so very far… far away,
can anybody make it, dig that deep, to that dark of a place?


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fishing in the sky, or breaking into the dark

and the vines of hope soar like beanstalks toward the stars
intertwining in wishes, and seeking another heart
there isn’t always giants with treasures above the clouds
some times the greatest values are masked as hard work on the ground…

if diamonds, jewels, and gold are all found hidden beneath,
and we are willing to break our backs just to catch one of these things…
ought we naught look underneath how things always appear…
how long will it take us to learn, magic and beans won’t get us there…

all the wealth on earth, whether in a heart or of the ground
requires digging and moving some piled up things around
i know it doesn’t look pretty, as you’re still fishing in the stars,
but I’m the kind of jewel royals use to adorn their hearts…

so you dug up a diamond of the deep
in your search for a magic bean,
you leave me here to go climb into the sky,
or we can kindle a fire, and let our love be purified…


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strong enough to hope

it’s easy to see how those girls
in the street got their starts
just took some good boy they loved
to turn into an asshole & break their hearts…

and sometimes the hardest time to feel accepted
is in the middle of those you love
and the only places that feel like home anymore…
are all the secret destinations to which you run.

I didn’t need a hero or a saint
i didn’t want a love song that would fizzle & end
i didn’t want a night full of false promises
all i was looking for, was a friend…

Have you ever felt the place you stand alone
is too far, too deep, for anyone else to go?
that instead of elaborating your story, you are cutting it short?
because now the details are actually too bitter to sort…

and realized all the hopes you’d gathered for years
all the promises you made to your heart…
tonight, i’m not okay, tonight, i cried alone,
but that’s okay, because tomorrow, i’ll be strong enough to hope


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Quest to purge my heart

The freedom is overwhelming
when you realize you can do what’s right…
Lift the guilt off your shoulders
as you forgive & apologize…


going back through old grudges,
writing them on little notes,
and then one by one i light them on fire
cleansing my heart as i let it go…

looking up the old names
of folks that i wronged long ago…
and sending them words of regret and sorry
that we both know i truly owe…

and then one by one with those now
who i have shown a double standard to…
i release them from the strings i held
show them my sin asked to be excused…

humiliated and humbled,
But I’m sick of guilty lies and truths…
so i am on a quest to purge my soul
and renew that peace i once knew


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tick tock, destiny’s clock…

never enough to make me go
never enough to make me stay
living in this limbo of mediocrity
trying not to waste my life away

oh waiting for the action i have
now, waiting for it slow down again…
and it’s always a waste of my life
until i have someone to share this all with…

but i know it’s not this one,
i know it wasn’t that one before,
in fact there really isn’t anyone
but all the stories for me to wait for…

so tick tock, wait on my life clock
destiny is just this tease of a game…
this one or that one, it’s beginning to bore,
living on the sidelines always ends the same…


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I am human and ALL that means…

I am human
The greatest thing that one can be
I am human,
Along with all the traits of humanity

I am human
Full of faith, hope, love, & jealousy
I am human
And there’s nothing else I’d rather be

Say I’m sorry all the time,
with a brocken-hearted hope in life…
It ain’t the end if it ain’t right,
There’s always a new path to find…

Humanity is a cruel and twisted race
Yet both forgiving & sympathetic
Even the angels envy our fragile states,
Oh we, in His image & likeness made….

though perhaps the greatest trait of mankind
is desiring to be so much more than we are…
In this I am certainly, oh such a human girl
wishing to be far too much to this world…

Remember, all you humans,
that life is not a guarantee,
that it is simply our chance to make a choice,
and embrace love & our humanity.


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it doesn’t feel like falling

it feels like floating, or maybe swings,
as you pump your legs & zoom up,
except instead of being pulled back,
I fly into the endless depths of your love

But it doesn’t feel like falling to me,

it may have felt that way at first,
before I knew how you felt too,
like i was trying to fight this avalanch of feelings
pulling down into the depths of truth…

But now that I have you i’m flying,
Snow clouds can’t even rain me off,
I am so excited for all we are & will be,
i just wish it wouldn’t take so long…

Because, don’t get me wrong I do love flying,
i love soaring in the wonder of us…
But nothing will be better than the Earthen reality,
of tripping hand in hand, with you, in love….


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