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truths mean more than dares

i didn’t see the point in tying you down
i couldn’t bring myself to throw my heart out,
and when you asked if i agreed and i was sure,
i wasn’t going to argue you into loving me more…

and i may never have told you i loved you or cared,
but i sat there every night and was always there…
some people speak with words that never end,
some people can kiss you into loving them,

and some people write letters, others poems,
and some people like me will never say so…
only want to live in your presence all the time,
laugh at your jokes, and finish words to your lines,

just want to climb mountains and sail seas with you
with unceasing teasing and games of taboo…
some people will never open up the lid
and let all the steam be visible again…

to be honest, i’m still figuring out exactly what love is.
trying so hard to be honest, in every way with this.
I don’t know the future, but I do know my dreams,
i don’t know the right words, and i can’t name feelings.

but i do know that every day we’ve spent as two
i’ve laughed twice as much, and started telling more truths,
closer to the person i want to be, when you’re there,
i guess sometimes a truth means more than a dare.

so all the words i hold unspoken within,
you can read them in how much time i’ve spent,
as someone so set on living all of my dreams,
how could you not know, how much i cared for thee?


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you are my sailboat on the bay

and you’re my “if no other stars cross my sky”
“if I search the whole world & can’t find mr. right”
“you’ll be waiting with your sailboat on the bay”…
“let’s meet in 1 year and see how much we have changed”

you’re the black hole of my darkest anger…
where the jealousy and venom melt into one…
you’re the sparkle of excitement of light
mixed with the beat of my wishes’ drum…

you’re my never ever ever love you
but the one i always fall back to
you’re not the words or the tune of my song,
but you are that steady beat i can’t stop…

You say you want to weave your own fate into the stars
say you never meant to bring me any harm…
and when you accidentally broke my heart…
shrug it off, and now I’m torn apart…

you are my cold night waiting hours in the rain…
but solid shelter from life’s pain…
maybe not the most romantic of dreams,
but you have always been there for me…

you say you’ll never stop calling my phone,
say until I’m married, you won’t leave me alone…
you’re my in a year or two we’ll see…
you bring out the best and worst of me…


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together is home

now we’re young…
you & me
but we’re on the borderline of
time to go do something..

and all i can think
is how i’m ready
to jump into your arms
and just leave everything

it’s not an escape
and it’s not any particular place
it’s just i want to make our own
our own togetherness home…


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to touch the fallen stars

Many days have I walked in pursuit of the stars
many people think you have to reach too far,
that it’s something beyond humanity’s grasp or worth…
but I have collected remnants of fallen wishes upon the earth…

for every shooting stars bursts into flame
and several crumble into fiery grains,
at least a few of these shimmers fall into the breeze
that then settle & waft down into the sea,

& have been washed up on the shore,
then spread around once more
and now are integrated in the sands
In which I have built castles with mine own hands

and i care not for the stricter definitions or reasons that constrain
for me rainy days are good weather to go & dance with no semblance of shame
for me, the world is but an oyster, & i shall break out of the shell to explore
for me, no matter what they tell me is the story, I will always want to know more

and i see no issue with savoring every bite of life i chew…
i see no problem in deciding for myself all that i shall do,
in fact i see it as perfect to look at a world full of trials & dangers & fears
& know that it shall be mine to conquer for the rest of my years…


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Hidden glows

There were years of hidden hope glows,
I dimmed so as not to scare the source away,
But as soon as I let my inner flame be exposed
I watched him or I back up & fade into grays…

If I hadn’t had years of calling it wrong,
If you were the first burning I’d felt before
Then, I’d swear up & down that this was love
And that I could never care for anything more…

If I hadn’t learned how to suppress the red cheeks,
If I hadn’t found how to hide the butterflies within
Then I’d be shining like Rudolf & wafting on clouds
SO I’ll keep my mouth shut and my feelings hidden…

But somewhere beneath, I feel the pounding,
Somewhere within, I feel the mesmerizing glow
Somewhere I hide, it’s fireworks & shooting stars
And & sometime soon enough, it might even show…

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never had a day you weren’t my first

and i can go search the world, for the second best heart
i can go travel lands & seas, but you will always be in my dreams…
because you stole my heart in a way songs can’t express…
i can’t give it to anyone else, freaking love never is what it seems…

oh so here’s to letting the only one who was my only one… get away….
& here’s to moving on, & all the empty moments since you’ve been gone, …i pray… i try to pray

that someday you will remember my face in your dreams too,
I think it’s about time i break the break, & maybe tell you???

have u realized neither of us will ever be at peace again?
until we turn our bridge into a castle or burn it into ash?
i’m not the kind to look back & live in all my yesterdays,
but since I left you, I still have haven’t gotten my heart back…

never had a day since the day that i met you
i didn’t regret leaving you behind, im telling the truth
and all these guys in the world, will always be second best
after standing next to you, i can’t stand to stand next to anything less.


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divided risks

i think i finally am falling for you
in the end, it’s actually a really easy thing to do
while half of me is jeering, & the other half is cheering
all i know, is that this is a risk that i’m sick of fearing

and i wouldn’t put my chips one way or the other
i’m entirely divided between feeling horror & wonder
but i guess when all is said & done,
you never hear anyone say, ‘gee, i sure regret love’…


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