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and trust him again…

I decided to stop trying to jump out of the sea
just to assess the horizon ahead…
Some people were meant to fly below the waves,
so i am surrendering to God again, instead.

Within the darknesses, and forbidden light,
throughout the adventures I fervently defend,
among the sharks and schools of the current,
it’s easy to ignore what chaos has come to live within…

and the peace of knowing, the trust beyond,
the faith in walking my heart to His door,
enough of the wild rushes, enough of the fires,
I finally realize the adrenaline is not enough to live for…


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the fan and the floor

and this is where i’ll leave your memory to rot
stop asking me to come back so we can half ass this more,
i’m sick of making up in my head what we’ve got,
cuz somewhere or another the fan flung our shit on the floor…

and i’m so glad, we ended like we did…
so glad i remembered why i had to get over it…
im so glad, i don’t feel the need to be friends
glad i was honest, and told you it all was pretend.

now it’s too late, for you and me to go
please just let me never see your face ever again.
please let’s just admit what they predicted long ago,
there’s nothing that we have to explain or defend


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just let go

i just wanted to hold you here,
and you just wanted to go…
i just wanted a loyal heart
and you jsut wanted to do it alone

i guess sometimes, it’s better to just let go


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half-assed baby

it’s true I am getting older,
& perhaps a bit bolder,
wasted too much time on you
which is why we should just be through

and now you’re calling ‘wait, baby!’
but it’s too late for my ‘maybe’
you’re so full of excuses & scape goats…
i’m tired of your singing fake notes…

You take no responsibility
if every problem stemmed from me
why are you still here?
it’s time for you to disappear…

Noo… no more ‘maybes’
i ain’t your baby…
noo.. just go, OH i say
what i mean today

I’m tired of you juggling me & work
I’m tired of you treating me like your trophy girl..
I’m not what you’re looking for any more
So sick of your half-assed ‘I’m sure’

I won’t take the late late nights
I won’t take the “but I tried”s…
& it’s true I’m just getting older…
which is why I’m finally enough bolder

to stop wasting any more time
and move on with my life…
goodbye half assed baby…
So I’ll leave with a half assed maybe….

but really, i think we both know
it’s time to let this circus go…
I’m feeling up to finding passion & love maybe soon
And all i got to go on, is that it sure ain’t you…


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no soul shall be caught

the spark of my greatest desire
now turned into dying coal
it only took a few winters
to freeze the heart of a soul

I don’t want that love
I don’t care anymore.
i’m not going to get angry
but there’s a lock on the door.

get out, i’m done now
you hold no key for this powerful lock
you can touch my skin
but no spirit within shall be caught


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child, YOU are the fool

So you think you know love, oh dear
So you think you can save my cynical soul…
Leave me alone if you please Mr. weird,
For I am the expert, & you are the fool…

You are the fool who calls himself ‘romantic’
You are the fool who believes in ‘first sight’
You are the fool who thinks that ‘forever’
Is made up of cliché feelings and rhymes…

I am the expert who has dated many a man
Who statistically speaking, had followed a plan
Bitterness and guilt mixed with anger and hurt pride,
Oh foolish boy, I have the right to patronize….


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a white lie, is still a lie.

It’s over & done
one lie & we’re through,
i don’t need a liar,
so i don’t need you.

I have better options,
i made an exception!
you selfish little boy,
with no sense of dedication…

It may be a small thing,
but white lies are more than enough
to break a heart,
& breech my long-earned trust…

you thought i wouldn’t notice?
you thought i wouldn’t care?
sorry doesn’t really cut it…
my heart is so very, out of here…


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