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chart our stars, and melt my heart

in the silence, beats a whisper to the dark…
it’s the soft whimper of a slowly starving heart…
no longer desperate, it has outlived the war,
but it’s missing the hope it had before…

oh so unwise, after all this time,
indecisive and apathetically inclined.
i turn so cold, when i’m afraid,
lest i relieve all the frozen pain…

i want to love, make me a sun,
blaze in the day ricochet off the moon,
i want to awake, i want to flood,
let my walls and darkness come undone

a galaxy too expansive for me,
i couldn’t chose a brightest star,
but now i see, the truth of things,
the brightest depends on where you are…

So come close to me, i want your touch.
i want you to know my heart, my love.
melt the frozen blood, let me cry,
just stay here, at my wounded side.

and I will see your scars, and light your dark.
i will hold your hand, and make you a star chart,
we can dance, on earth it’s more than enough
our day has finally come to free us to be us.

i want my best friend, by my side.
the one who makes me smile any time.
i don’t need a star, or foreign mystery,
i just want to give you everything, all of me.


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i come from a world full of new wonder
with pieces of earth that have yet to be discovered…
but you come from an old world with an ancient past
full of legends of old carved in stone, so as to last…

and here in the middle of two worlds we stand
with young hearts & old souls we finally join hands…
oh how fleeting our lifes are, and passing the tides,
yet, we are the future, let us help tomorrow’s sun rise…

For no longer can we blame the past or our father’s
no longer is it in the hands of yesterday’s authors
for, now we the youth have grown to into blossoms…
come let us build, let us uncover ancient wisdoms forgotten,

let us be moved to humanity more than ever before
let us make all of our own little worlds finish their war
and if nothing else matters, let us release the poison from our tears
and create for our prodigy a future, where they no longer live in fear


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I am human and ALL that means…

I am human
The greatest thing that one can be
I am human,
Along with all the traits of humanity

I am human
Full of faith, hope, love, & jealousy
I am human
And there’s nothing else I’d rather be

Say I’m sorry all the time,
with a brocken-hearted hope in life…
It ain’t the end if it ain’t right,
There’s always a new path to find…

Humanity is a cruel and twisted race
Yet both forgiving & sympathetic
Even the angels envy our fragile states,
Oh we, in His image & likeness made….

though perhaps the greatest trait of mankind
is desiring to be so much more than we are…
In this I am certainly, oh such a human girl
wishing to be far too much to this world…

Remember, all you humans,
that life is not a guarantee,
that it is simply our chance to make a choice,
and embrace love & our humanity.


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To the ends of the Earth…

To the ends of the Earth,
you must journey for me now,
for you told me that you love me,
& you described this as how…

Saddle up a wild mustang,
ride through the dark & light,
& prove to me you meant
all you whispered to me last night.

I dare you to write me a love song,
catch me 100 fireflies into a glass jar,
or set off on an adventure
to fetch me that distant fallen star.

…so, you think you truly love me?
to the ends of the Earth, you say?
then you’re going to have to prove it
in a very reassuring way…

Just pick me a flower a week,
keep me company when I’m alone,
hold me when I’m frightened,
& just never, EVER let me go…


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