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Don’t judge a heart

There are some hearts that seem
Far too fragile to hold their love…
Don’t fear our tender dreams,
Don’t be the one who turns to run…

There are those souls far too apathetic
To have a clue what love even is,
Don’t judge us too harshly,
Once upon a time, it died within….

And there are those who have lost the magic
Whom, turn feelings into formulas and numbers
It doesn’t mean we can’t feel someday,
We just want it to be safe before we step into the wonder…

And there are the forever romantics
Who always dream of kissing in the rain
Indulge our hopeful fantasies
For the world could use more magic these days

Hearts are not meant to be judged…
You know not where it’s been
Hearts were made to be loved
And to bring alive passion within…


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the magic we stole tonight

We live at the pinnacle of peace
and the intersection of heart and mind…
our love is suspended in the thick oxygen
caught between frozen moments & rushes of time…

Where music pulses in the wind
and stars wave in the air like the northern lights
the mermaids and fairies gossip at the water’s edge
of how our kiss stole dream magic & brought it alive


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dragon of mischief, love, and an epic plead

i want to find a dragon egg with you
raise it in a secret cave for a year or two
then once its stature has grown brawny & secure
i want us to climb on its wings & soar over the earth

with fiery breath to warm the cool chill
and the silence of all but the deafening thrill
hold me tight, so i need not even fear,
as we enter realm and our pasts disappear

i don’t want all these memories of before
before i had you, and your kind words to warm
i don’t want this world of distant heart aches
i want to have passion, and an eternal future that awaits

i want mischief & love & epic battles & peace
i want dragons & unicorns & powerful steeds
but more than a kingdom, magic, or wealth to win
all i want is for us to work out, long before the end…


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move to the ends of the earth

nobody really needs to know
the insanity that within us all grows,
nobody really cares to share
all the anger, the hopes, and the fear…

once upon a time, our dreams begin
and soon there after they start to bend
and by the time you get to where i’m at
it’s like an all in or all out kind of drag…

and it’s not that i believe in fairy godmothers,
or that i have been lost in some fantasy,
but i’m tired of these boring just waiting things,
so I’m moving to South America this spring,

I’m pretty sure life will be the same for me
but i’m ready to live it with wonders anew,
and i’m ready for love, and trust again too
but most of all, i’m just once again ready to move

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my fairyfail prince charming

Break through my labyrinth today
ridden with false walls, riddles & trap doors
if you can beat me at my twisted little games
then i might let you call me only yours…

But i don’t think most guys want to ride on a horse
fighting brambles, dragons, evil witches, and thorns…
to find a sleeping beauty whom’s beauty will fade
It seems girls are the seekers and guys the followers these days…

Oh but i’m caught in my dusty book of fairytales
writing a new chapter for a knight and his steed
while my own story is more of a fruitless useless fail…
with no mermaids, unicorns, or handsome prince charming

for of all the magical creatures in folklore,
least likely for you to ever find on earth,
is this perfect prince, they find at the end…
besides, if i did, i would not be of his worth….


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captive demon

an evil soul lives within my desires…
it beckons me, “come set it on fire…
you know her secrets, so let her burn…
what need have you, for a friend like her?”

the evil monster shifts around,
then clinches my heart & pulls me to the ground…
“oh he’s a stupid boy, he needs to learn…
so break his heart, he’s asking for the burn….”

it squeezes my gut until i almost vomit truth …
and release all the secrets i’ve held in confidence for you…
the demon sneers with evil delight as you squirm
as little flames of fire i breathe makes you uncomfortably warm…

and as you come back to plead me for release
my fingers become claws, & my body a beast….
oh the demon comes alive & devours my life…
oh i resent this dragon, for now I live in it, & not it inside I…


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magic of the deep

what if i told you the world is magic?
that all around you, it flickers in the dark?
what if i told you, as you stare at your screen,
behind your back, you just missed a tiny little spark?

what if i told you that in rivers flow wishes,
but it only carries those desires that conjure a tear
and then as the stars reflect on the ripples,
they one by one, take on, a chosen cause from there….

and out of the pools of wishes shed,
the chosen dreams leap to the star’s bright thrones
and from the heavens, fate is woven into the tides
the tides when blessings seem to come & go…

But it’s all interlocked & it’s all one great scheme
and dandelion seeds hold more power than you think
and all the trivial wishes you roll your eyes as i plead…
oh the world is magical, & you’re missing the deep


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