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as close as i can let you come

i just want to scratch these scales off my back…
feel the burn as these cold hours pass….
i just want to dig the dark hole out of my gut…
throw it into the light and know what’s what…

I feel the laser beams sizzling by my ears,
as my body is suspended in mid air…
franticly trying to escape this foggy maze,
and all i know and all i have is your gaze…

i just want to lie to you, to find the truth,
i just want to run away, to see if you will too…
i just want to lock you out of my heart and cry
because it’s so very very lonely inside.

but i have a heart that cannot be loved
it’s too cold, it will shatter at your touch
i’m afraid, this is as far as i can let you come…
because i just really can’t do it, i just can’t really love.


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dragon of mischief, love, and an epic plead

i want to find a dragon egg with you
raise it in a secret cave for a year or two
then once its stature has grown brawny & secure
i want us to climb on its wings & soar over the earth

with fiery breath to warm the cool chill
and the silence of all but the deafening thrill
hold me tight, so i need not even fear,
as we enter realm and our pasts disappear

i don’t want all these memories of before
before i had you, and your kind words to warm
i don’t want this world of distant heart aches
i want to have passion, and an eternal future that awaits

i want mischief & love & epic battles & peace
i want dragons & unicorns & powerful steeds
but more than a kingdom, magic, or wealth to win
all i want is for us to work out, long before the end…


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Hold tight, oh heart of mine

Hold tight, oh heart of mine.
You mustn’t fear forever alone
Be strong, oh will of mine,
no reason to weaken with the wind’s blow…

Ring true, oh prayer of mine,
let not the heavens turn deaf ears,
Stay calm, oh spirit of mine,
there shall be many more years…

I shall have many more chances to move forward,
many more chances to build upon that,
but the only way to go backwards…
is to destroy all that you had…

I beg thee, heart of mine,
bid thy fine & dandy time!
true love does or doesn’t wait,
but rushing it, won’t change my fate…

Oh little child, lost in introspection,
don’t wonder off too far, okay?
stop looking for the light, and
ponder what it illuminates!


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if i could write the future…

if i were to write the future,
i’d make happily ever after,
come a little sooner in the book,
& fill the second half with laughter,

if i could write the future,
I’d have you happy, alone right now..
then move back & realize it’s not the same
without me laughing along…

You’d start pacing back & forth
then have love grow within you the thirst,
to fly across the country &
confess your love to me unrehearsed…

If I could write the future,
I would write us meeting again
at the garden of the gods where
we would speak all we’ve left unspoken…

you’d fall as deeply beyond hope,
of ever getting over me then,
as I already am with you now.
…I would write us back together again.

if i could write the future,
there would be no miles in between
only problem with this future…
is that I can’t dictate reality…


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