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tragedy of the norm

took my hope and took my heart
took my dreams and lit a spark,
should’ve known fire burns
and that a burn leaves a scar…

got no tragedy to mourn
was only a victim to the norm,
undervalued what we had
and thought it not worth fighting for…

but some times the fire stays
and sometimes it don’t even fade
and when the winds blow in your face,
sometimes, it just strengthens the flame.

So i left, and you moved on…
like every one-who-got-away song…
should of listened to the radio
before i made the same wrong…

took my hope and took my heart
took my dreams and lit a spark,
should’ve known fire burns
and that a burn leaves a scar…

i know you are only human
i remember you as a friend
as the one who taught me to love,
and since whom i haven’t loved again…


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fishing in the sky, or breaking into the dark

and the vines of hope soar like beanstalks toward the stars
intertwining in wishes, and seeking another heart
there isn’t always giants with treasures above the clouds
some times the greatest values are masked as hard work on the ground…

if diamonds, jewels, and gold are all found hidden beneath,
and we are willing to break our backs just to catch one of these things…
ought we naught look underneath how things always appear…
how long will it take us to learn, magic and beans won’t get us there…

all the wealth on earth, whether in a heart or of the ground
requires digging and moving some piled up things around
i know it doesn’t look pretty, as you’re still fishing in the stars,
but I’m the kind of jewel royals use to adorn their hearts…

so you dug up a diamond of the deep
in your search for a magic bean,
you leave me here to go climb into the sky,
or we can kindle a fire, and let our love be purified…


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Epic double sword

A mysterious hope for demise or salvation, is all i can afford
my double lifes are cut deep into the edges of my soul’s sword…
a dark heart plotting demise & crushing humanity’s ways
versus the sweet subtle hope i find glowing in simple praise…

I’ve become too complex to decode my own heart
with spontaneous fires and storms, in waters i can’t chart…
i don’t know which side of me is wrong & which is right,
all I know, is that soon there shall be an epic fight…


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our secret portal of hope

You know I’ve always been this way
overly protective of our secret portal of hope…
only you & I know just how much they don’t know
of what it means to us, we’re never alone…

Am I using us now?
has this friendship turned into dynamite?
You say girls & boys can’t be just friends
then why do we still talk every night?

All our moments of intimate truths shared
have been slowly gathered & prepared
and if feels like it will only take a spark
to start a fire of explosions in the dark…

I’ve dated my best friend before…
i broke his caring & bleeding heart
you should really know better by now
despite how much of a romantic you are

I am far too overly protective of what we have
I don’t care if we think it’s love don’t say it out loud
You’re there for me, & I’m here for you, we have a deal,
please i beg you, just don’t ask or tell me how we feel…


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bury me in fire

Don’t settle me into the ashes of the past
with those whom’s lives were consumed
with passion of words, before becoming dust,
and then, dwindling into mediocre doom….

the doom of having made no difference
the hell of being separated from the living’s light…
the doom of never loving or succeeding
the doom of early peaks, then subtle demise….

Oh my fire has not yet burnt out….
I have colors and depth the world shall see…
and hiding the flame for fear of failure,
shall no longer stand between me & my dreams…

and when I’m done, you shall pray
that they may someday come to contain
the wildfire that my sparks shall set in the brush
of dormant dreamers, anxious to burst into flame….


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captive demon

an evil soul lives within my desires…
it beckons me, “come set it on fire…
you know her secrets, so let her burn…
what need have you, for a friend like her?”

the evil monster shifts around,
then clinches my heart & pulls me to the ground…
“oh he’s a stupid boy, he needs to learn…
so break his heart, he’s asking for the burn….”

it squeezes my gut until i almost vomit truth …
and release all the secrets i’ve held in confidence for you…
the demon sneers with evil delight as you squirm
as little flames of fire i breathe makes you uncomfortably warm…

and as you come back to plead me for release
my fingers become claws, & my body a beast….
oh the demon comes alive & devours my life…
oh i resent this dragon, for now I live in it, & not it inside I…


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choose a path

oh to burn burn burn
burn like a fire in my dreams
oh & i’d light up the world,
and somehow change everything…

but then you wake up to the alarm
and it’s just how it always was
work, chores, sleep,
and not affecting anyone…

oh but someday,
i’ll consume this world like the sun
oh if only, i could choose
a path instead of just a nice run…


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