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chart our stars, and melt my heart

in the silence, beats a whisper to the dark…
it’s the soft whimper of a slowly starving heart…
no longer desperate, it has outlived the war,
but it’s missing the hope it had before…

oh so unwise, after all this time,
indecisive and apathetically inclined.
i turn so cold, when i’m afraid,
lest i relieve all the frozen pain…

i want to love, make me a sun,
blaze in the day ricochet off the moon,
i want to awake, i want to flood,
let my walls and darkness come undone

a galaxy too expansive for me,
i couldn’t chose a brightest star,
but now i see, the truth of things,
the brightest depends on where you are…

So come close to me, i want your touch.
i want you to know my heart, my love.
melt the frozen blood, let me cry,
just stay here, at my wounded side.

and I will see your scars, and light your dark.
i will hold your hand, and make you a star chart,
we can dance, on earth it’s more than enough
our day has finally come to free us to be us.

i want my best friend, by my side.
the one who makes me smile any time.
i don’t need a star, or foreign mystery,
i just want to give you everything, all of me.


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the story it wasn’t supposed to be

this ain’t no story of beauty.
and it really isn’t a story of love
just a story of confusion and choices
that led us into this awkward hug…

because feelings are never really easy
and for me they are the hardest to name.
i never meant to hurt you or use you,
i didn’t realize that we were even playing a game.

but the spell i cast on your heart has
worn off and so has the spell on mine…
we both realize this whole thing is drama
and we’re just caught in the story line…

and i know you really think you still want me.
but i know it’s just to save your pride and your word.
said you were coming down here for a love story…
the end always feels like a punch in the gut and hurts..

can we just let this go like steam into the sky?
can we just pretend it never happened and be friends?
can you stop trying to win me back and just let us be?
can all these awkward hugs and words just finally end?


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i flew too far, you flew too fast…

I flew too far, you flew too fast,
we both agreed, we’d never last,
only took a moment to turn us into the past,
costing us both a lifetime of looking back…

you chose the East, I chose the West,
seemed no point to consider a nest,
but since that day when we both left,
every view since then has been second best…

because after having such a perfect friend,
switching places, breaking each other’s winds,
can you ever fly with another again?
without all the excitement becoming pretend?

and could I have known how hard the channel’s winds would rush?…
could you have realized how deeply your heart would be crushed?
oh if we had known, even across the globe, that there was no escape…
and that hardly any one else is bold enough to fly these days..?.

well if i’m honest, i’d rather fly with you…
but you flew to the sun, and I, i flew to the moon,
it was like that dream, when you wake up too soon,
never got to resolve, never found my way back to you…


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blame it on the fools who lied to me
that it was even possible
blame it on the years i was always preached to
that i should expect and demand it all

blame it on my heart who refuses to
take less than all of another’s love,
blame it on my soul that keeps wandering
and never stops quite long enough…

i hunger for the truest love tonight
i thirst for a soul to align with mine
i crave someone to look deep into my eyes
and tell me that we, we will never die…

i turned my back to commitment again…
so i’m just lonely, surrounded by friends..
they all look on at my so called ‘perfect life’
and tease me about how i can get any guy…

but ‘any guy’ gets so very old so very fast
when i just want a love that will really last
it’s like fast food sugar is all my heart eats…
and i am hungry, so very hungry for love’s meat…


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you are my cuprit, victim, and mystery

you are the embodiment of my every extreme
the one closest to my heart, and farthest from me,
you are the sunshine, the thunderstorm, and diamond nights,
you are the cause and solution to my burning inner fight

you are the loser and champion of every debate,
you are the confusion and clarity when i’m insane,
the one i’ll always attack, and always defend,
you are the newest lover, and oldest friend,

when it comes down to it, you are my blessing and curse
like ying and yang, we are intertwined by the universe
you are the fire that drives my heart into a tizzy,
and the peace that you give me, to calm my inner busy…

you are the neons, the glowing, the black hole, the dreams,
you are the culprit, the victim, and my own mystery,
you are the wishes, and the wished for, the wisher, and the star
you hold the questions, the answers, and the maze to my heart


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strong enough to hope

it’s easy to see how those girls
in the street got their starts
just took some good boy they loved
to turn into an asshole & break their hearts…

and sometimes the hardest time to feel accepted
is in the middle of those you love
and the only places that feel like home anymore…
are all the secret destinations to which you run.

I didn’t need a hero or a saint
i didn’t want a love song that would fizzle & end
i didn’t want a night full of false promises
all i was looking for, was a friend…

Have you ever felt the place you stand alone
is too far, too deep, for anyone else to go?
that instead of elaborating your story, you are cutting it short?
because now the details are actually too bitter to sort…

and realized all the hopes you’d gathered for years
all the promises you made to your heart…
tonight, i’m not okay, tonight, i cried alone,
but that’s okay, because tomorrow, i’ll be strong enough to hope


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Julia’s star

I don’t want to hear another excuse filled night
darling girl, you’ve got it all in your hands
all you have to do is take that giant leap
& know that everyone won’t understand….

but you, you’re special, you should know…
not to let what they think, take control!
Take courage, my friend, i believe you
i believe in you’re beautiful, precious soul!

if you can keep that dream driving,
if you can keep the sparkles ahead,
if you don’t look away, i know you can…
don’t fall for the trap of a life like lead…

don’t let them try to convince you that
reality is the fear they live in as they settle for less
because fate is good to the fearless, you know…
you are beginning, don’t wear their burden on your chest…

Someone has to be the star,
and I believe you can go that far…
now get out there & shine…
Julia, just go be who you already are


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