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it’s like we’re already in tomorrow…

I don’t want to be your would have been perfect,
i don’t want to be that sweet goodbye, maybe someday,
because i don’t want to be your fire of an adventure
and then become your ‘one who got away”

i don’t want to admit the truth to anyone living,
and i wouldn’t even tell you if you strait up asked.
but if you grabbed me, the way you look at me,
and just kissed me like we both know you want to…
well then maybe, this wouldn’t just float into the past…

you know, i live on this world, not much more specific-
have a few countries, and dozens of cities under my belt.
i’d have been fine following a whim, if you’d just gotten up the guts
to have come and honestly told me how you’ve felt…

but tomorrow you’ll fly away… like we both knew you would.
and all they all foretold, all we both expected, will just disappear
into a story that neither of us will ever tell…
so we’ll just hold it in our hearts; and act like we never even cared.

like we never even cared at all.
guess you’ll be my one who got away, after all…


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i wanted that tornado… but fire doesn’t mix with ice

I wanted to love you until the end, I really did…
But then I felt the emptiness of the cold night wind…
A text [message] saying we should really talk in person about this…
I should really have known better than to trust the weather men…

They said it would be warm & sunny days
They said the forecast was a lovely & nice relationship…
But you had fooled me like the eerie silence before a storm,
And oh, baby, I will never be caught in this cold tornado again!

Running for the cellar, just hoping for refuge from the chaos,
reaching out to grab what I hold most dear only for you to rip it away,
At this point I’m trying to lock my heart into the ground…
Before I’ll ever let you take my heart’s breathe away into the grey…

Oh storm clouds whip snow into my eyes…
But with eyes squinted in fear, I can finally see the truth around me
& That the cellar to which I’ve been running all this time,
Has been the eye of the storm just waiting to embrace me….

Haha, I wanted to love you until the end, what a fool!
You deceived me into believing you felt the same for me,
Oh some day I hope you know, sweet demon of lies,
You may bring the cold, but I shall bring the fire to this meeting…


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stomache knots & long distance

Sometimes I wish i just didn’t care.
because I’m dying inside
and your not even here
to unveil the truth that I try to hide

My stomach is tied in knots
I get nauseous just thinking within…
and the only way to untie the hurt
is to release the pain in tearful spasms

I should never have allowed myself
to love you so much
I hate how I’m addicted to you,
how much i miss ur presence & touch…

I hate the longing I can’t fight,
and i hate the distraction unending,
i would just break up with you now,
but i’m too in love to start pretending

that i could ever end it with you first.
because in all honesty im far too head over heels
i just want you here now, with me…
i had no idea how loving would feel…

it feels like a burning.
like a scorching, hurting,
craving hungry fire within
wanting you, just yearning….
to have you with me again.

long distance just sucks.


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More to me than meets the eye…

There’s a lot more to me
than may meet your eye…
More than the city-girl label,
I seem to wear on me like a sign,

I know I may come off to you
as over-polished & maybe snobby too?
but try talking to me for a minute or two,
& you’d know I grew up on a ranch, too…

I may not wear home-made sweaters
I may play my music a little too loud,
I know I may not have much of an accent left
but, I too, live in the city above the clouds…

A girl by twenty two years, here,
ought to be away in school, or wed…
So, something must be wrong with me,
or something must be wrong with my head…

Honest, I’m just fine & normal,
Please, accept me into your small town,
cuz in the city they told me I was too country,
& whatever i say, you just put me down…

Maybe they feel threatened?
Like I’m an outsider spying on them?
I’m not here to steal your sons or jobs,
I’m here for the love of the mountain…

Listen, i can swing a splintering shovel,
& I can ride horse-back high-paced,
I can start a campfire with flint,
What does it take to prove I ain’t mis-placed?

I can’t take the high speed city,
but i can take the high-speed rain,
i get lost amidst city blocks with signs,
but in the Mountains, i always know my way…

Yall, this is my new place,
And I’ve moved here rather alone.
So if you won’t let me into your’s,
i’ll make a new club of my own:

“Welcome foreigners, welcome,
come to live here, come to stay
I don’t want any of your money,
Just some laughs & happy days…”


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