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deep and far away

Once I felt a reason, and we had our season,
when I could have loved you, I could have loved you…
you sought out answers, to every question
that I ever asked you, that I ever asked you….

But rain and snow and hail came in our winter,
And I just couldn’t make it through to summer days…
I don’t know why I couldn’t keep going, i couldn’t love you.
I can’t really answer the one question you gave…

I know it wasn’t fair, i turned off the water to our fountain,
and you were still there, just wanting to hold my hand.
I don’t know where or what happened to our seasons..
honestly, i don’t think either of us will ever understand….

once I felt a reason, and we had our season,
and I could have loved you, i could have loved you, but walked away
you gave me so many answers so very many answers
and i couldn’t tell you a single reason, even a bad one, that i walked away

somewhere there in the shadow of time, in the base of words, and the depth of rhymes
I’m still searching, I”m still digging in my soul,
somewhere so deep, so very cold, somewhere so very hard,
can anybody ever love something so very far… far away,
can anybody make it, dig that deep, to that dark of a place?


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just let go

i just wanted to hold you here,
and you just wanted to go…
i just wanted a loyal heart
and you jsut wanted to do it alone

i guess sometimes, it’s better to just let go


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you are my cuprit, victim, and mystery

you are the embodiment of my every extreme
the one closest to my heart, and farthest from me,
you are the sunshine, the thunderstorm, and diamond nights,
you are the cause and solution to my burning inner fight

you are the loser and champion of every debate,
you are the confusion and clarity when i’m insane,
the one i’ll always attack, and always defend,
you are the newest lover, and oldest friend,

when it comes down to it, you are my blessing and curse
like ying and yang, we are intertwined by the universe
you are the fire that drives my heart into a tizzy,
and the peace that you give me, to calm my inner busy…

you are the neons, the glowing, the black hole, the dreams,
you are the culprit, the victim, and my own mystery,
you are the wishes, and the wished for, the wisher, and the star
you hold the questions, the answers, and the maze to my heart


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let’s be crazy hippies…

spray paint the sidewalk blue….
build me a wagon turned canoe
and let’s pack ourselves some food supplies,
then go freaking crazy like the hippies do….

oh because this whole world
is a feral and rather wild place,
and we’re all just trying to tame
ourselves & the whole human race…

all these civilized rules and taxes
are starting to really get old to me,
i say we pull our wagon to the jungle,
or until we hit the edge of the sea…

and let’s just go wild like we are
deep down inside, where our souls are caged,
let’s dance around the beach
and ignore all the world judges us to say…

because if you & I are crazy together,
then i’m happy with this world of our own,
as long as i have you by my side,
then all the chaos simply goes,

our love makes the stars align
and all dandelion seed take flight in the wind,
our hearts make destiny come true,
and the whole world make sense again


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Game on

A pretty little secret
only you, I, and a few strangers know…
a clever little alabi,
and nobody suspects that we’re alone…

keep our love safe in our pockets
at work, at home, and in this town,
but come the weekend we both exchange
a mischevies little wink as we clock out…

Oh and i’m toying with your heart
and you’re toying with my mind
it’s a wicked self-distructive game
as we tell our pretty little lies…

but it’s addictive being naughty,
a feel-good to doing wrong…
and when you challenge me to play again
i give a dirty little smile & say ‘game on’….

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So be a man

I want you to be a man, and lead me…
Choosing a man of caliber is my responsibility
but none of the other guys will do for me…
So I’m asking for you to step up and carry me…

Oh, and if it isn’t you, I really am going to give up now…
no point in pushing things that won’t work out,..
All of a sudden games aren’t fun any more, you know…
And I just want to settle down & trust you so…

So be the man who raises me up to who i can be…
not with chastising but with sweet encouraging…
So be the one who holds my hand in the dark…
and who i can trust to lead me toward brighter stars…

Oh and if it isn’t you I’m really through with love for now.
Oh my fire has no spark any more & it’s dimming down…
All the loves found & lost are seeming more a trend these days…
So either be a man & love me or leave me with no heart aches…


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100 more whirls

We went for a walk under Colorado skies,
you saw a shooting star & i stole your wish…
you turned to me & told me you already got it…
and when i asked you what? you leaned in for a kiss…

and i kind of stood there & didn’t know what to do…
and i kind of feel giggly like an 8th grade girl
and i kind of keep looking past your eyes for another star,
so that i can wish to give that 100 more whirls…


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