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Coyotes, Dust, and the Cost of Love

now go go, just let it all go,
somebody’s gonna go fetch her, you know…
don’t think twice, we both know you can’t do this alone,
so go go go, go bring her back home…

and i feel the earth’s heart beat, under my feet
pulling me back, it’s hypnotizing,
do you believe in fate? do you believe in grace?
do you believe that we were made to change?

oh go go, go bring her back home real quick,
without her, you’re whole world ain’t worth a lick…
go go, the moon swells into a bright enough glow,
for you to ride through the night, and bring her back home…

oh oh oh, the coyotes howl echos in the wind,
she hears it and feeds on the rush of adrenaline,
the pounding hoof beats and the cloud of dust,
charge in the hot summer night with the reality of love…

it’s a chase, it’s a fight, it’s a battle, it’s life
it’s a flash, it’s a thunder, it’s the wild, it’s the wonder,
it’s the bang and the crash, it’s the peace in the aftermath,
it’s the years it’s the tears, it’s the glory, it’s the fears

and it’s the up and down, it’s the distance, it’s this town…
it’s the wrong, it’s the right, it’s the battle cry,
it’s the pain and the gain, it’s always been the same…
it’s the sober it’s the drunk, it’s the cost of love…


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Be brilliant. be unique. be free.

I don’t want a label, and I don’t want to be
compared or fit within some special niche,
I don’t want to be bad ass, sporty, girly,
artsy, hippie, scholar, whatever you call it…

When people think of who I am,
I want my name to be the description they seek
I want them to envision a flashing of memories
That could only ever be used to describe me.

I want a little bit of whatever they may know
To be exposed to a lot of something they’ve never seen
I want to create and glow and be as hard to define
as the aurora borealis, with no pictures or movies to see

for within every human, I firmly believe
there is an underlying unique beauty they all deserve to embrace
let us not divide ourselves into this group or that one,
but scrape away titles, and simply be whom & for what we were made.


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true BEAUTY glows

Beautiful means glowing.
beautiful means trusting,
beautiful means hoping
beautiful means loving.

Beautiful is when her heart
pumps comfort into despair,
beautiful is when there’s no one else,
she is by your side, there to care.

Beautiful is when her laughter
echos joy into your soul,
beautiful is when she takes
emptiness & makes it whole…

beautiful is not her make-up,
it’s the smile that shines through,
beautiful is not in your hair,
but all the selfless things you do…

beauty is in honest sympathy,
beauty is a peace-felt hug,
beautiful is not seen in a picture,
for true beauty is in acts of love…

the truest truth of beauty,
is how it radiates warmth aglow,
so keep this fire burning inside out,
& go be beautiful for the world to know


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begin living my dream!

I’ve spent four years

trying to figure out who i want to be

& now that I know,

There’s no stopping me.

No boy or man with blue eyes,

no alluring short cut to fame,

no town-full of friends,

will keep me from my way!

I can do grey skies for a few years

i can do Ramon noodles & old shoes

They just don’t seem so bad,

when you got a dream waiting for you.

Don’t need no boy right now,

enough of waiting for mr. right…

I’m shining & alive, so excited

to finally have decided to begin my own life.

Here’s my life for me

world, watch me struggle then soar!

Finally, I’m ready to begin,

this time it’s my dream i’m striving for!


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