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Drowning in an empty tub

She wouldn’t have noticed you, i’m sure.
but she know’s exactly what she has in you,
because her interest was officially spurred
when she followed my eyes to you across the room.

and i’m laying naked in an empty bathtub,
drunk on tears, and hungover on regrets.
too exhausted to bother turning the water on,
to clean up and pretend like i forget…

So you want me to come and see you
end up with the girl of your ‘dreams’
sent me an email and told me if you had known,
long before her, it would have been me.

And I’m swept into moments i let pass,
when a kiss would have sufficed to say
all that my words weren’t when i’d just laugh
so happy to just spend the time with you every day.

and it’s my fault i let it all go by,
you thought we were friends, and decided it was fine.
i should be happy, even if you’re not mine…
maybe, i’m not your friend anymore this time.

i just feel like a stranger.
i just feel like a lost girl.
and she looks like a barbie
and im caught in barbie world.

i sit up, and let hot water steam all around.
clean up, do my hair, my make up all sweet,
guess, i’ll show up, and pretend that I
that I am okay, that i’m okay with everything…


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just let go

i just wanted to hold you here,
and you just wanted to go…
i just wanted a loyal heart
and you jsut wanted to do it alone

i guess sometimes, it’s better to just let go


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going or gone?

it feels like love is an auction these days
and the best items are quickly getting sold away…
and their prices are getting higher by the week
it cost either commitment or compromising…

compromising my political views
or how far i’ll go in the bedroom,
maybe turning a blind eye on faith
or give up on anticipated social grace…

and as the numbers keep flying higher,
i saw you walk onto that floor…
and i didn’t make a bid i just fell for you
i’m still wondering how much you’re going for??

could you ever let me back again & love me?
maybe that hammer already proved me wrong?
at night i wonder if we are still going going going…
or if i lost you, if you are already long gone?


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cold go

just feels like i left the door open on a winter night,
because i’m still waiting for you to come back home…
and all the cold air swirls around & numbs my heart…
because deep down, i know, i already let you go…


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half-assed baby

it’s true I am getting older,
& perhaps a bit bolder,
wasted too much time on you
which is why we should just be through

and now you’re calling ‘wait, baby!’
but it’s too late for my ‘maybe’
you’re so full of excuses & scape goats…
i’m tired of your singing fake notes…

You take no responsibility
if every problem stemmed from me
why are you still here?
it’s time for you to disappear…

Noo… no more ‘maybes’
i ain’t your baby…
noo.. just go, OH i say
what i mean today

I’m tired of you juggling me & work
I’m tired of you treating me like your trophy girl..
I’m not what you’re looking for any more
So sick of your half-assed ‘I’m sure’

I won’t take the late late nights
I won’t take the “but I tried”s…
& it’s true I’m just getting older…
which is why I’m finally enough bolder

to stop wasting any more time
and move on with my life…
goodbye half assed baby…
So I’ll leave with a half assed maybe….

but really, i think we both know
it’s time to let this circus go…
I’m feeling up to finding passion & love maybe soon
And all i got to go on, is that it sure ain’t you…


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glorious heights

somewhere between the moon and the stars,
between space & time, our minds & our hearts…
the trust in our dream was lost and vanished away
We self-fulfilled our prophesy, as colors turned grey…

but the passion and brightness of saturated lights
the rushed heart beats and desire of unmatched heights,
I shall not forget the glorious fire we burned in vibrant moments too close…
and I shall miss you for all my time, or until another love so over-grows…


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Lost Wonders of the world

She was his lost wonder
He watched her laugh in awe,
but now she’s moved on
leaving his love wild & raw…

He was his father’s little wonder
the miracle baby that grew
into a strong lad of 18,
until he left for something new….

I was your crazy wonder…
the one who brought you back to life
you were the treasure i never treasured
so it’s fitting my heart feels the stab of a knife

But the greatest of the wonders
the world has lost in haste….
is the love I never valued
that you gave me so unafraid…

I wish i could be like you
believe we’ll ever be united, but then.
with thousands of miles between,
I’ve lost you, & I’ll never wander again…

©Lilyanna Danielovitch 2012


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