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what you really meant to say

don’t serve me lemon ice cream
don’t fill my thoughts with your dreams
don’t tell me i’m just like the one
the one you’ve always dreamed of

yet you never just say what you mean

or maybe you really did
and what you meant is that i’m not it.
in which case, why not just say goodbye,
instead of dancing around a committed reply?

it’s like i’m talking to myself…

and every time i remember our talks i frown,
with renewed frustration at the sound
of how you always made me feel like so much less
and yet i always wanted to prove i was your best…

and i still wanted you.


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the fan and the floor

and this is where i’ll leave your memory to rot
stop asking me to come back so we can half ass this more,
i’m sick of making up in my head what we’ve got,
cuz somewhere or another the fan flung our shit on the floor…

and i’m so glad, we ended like we did…
so glad i remembered why i had to get over it…
im so glad, i don’t feel the need to be friends
glad i was honest, and told you it all was pretend.

now it’s too late, for you and me to go
please just let me never see your face ever again.
please let’s just admit what they predicted long ago,
there’s nothing that we have to explain or defend


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until you say goodbye to me

I never meant to leave you behind
I don’t know what I thought I would find
I guess i thought you might follow behind
And always believed we get back together with time

When you moved on, I really did try.
I tried with men, I tried with wine,
I tried with travels, and I tried with time…
But I still can’t get you out of my mind…

I guess you’re happy and have moved on
This time I won’t lie, I wish it were me.
but since this is what you want, all I ask,
and all I beg that you give in parting,

is show up for one last night to dance
please let’s talk, so I can realize we’re too different,
and I’ve already thrown away my pride so grant me this one thing,
please show up, so that you can say good bye to me.

I finally realized you’re the heart I can’t let go
So I need you to be the one to leave me alone.
Because I can’t move on, Until I see,
until I see you say goodbye to me.


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as close as i can let you come

i just want to scratch these scales off my back…
feel the burn as these cold hours pass….
i just want to dig the dark hole out of my gut…
throw it into the light and know what’s what…

I feel the laser beams sizzling by my ears,
as my body is suspended in mid air…
franticly trying to escape this foggy maze,
and all i know and all i have is your gaze…

i just want to lie to you, to find the truth,
i just want to run away, to see if you will too…
i just want to lock you out of my heart and cry
because it’s so very very lonely inside.

but i have a heart that cannot be loved
it’s too cold, it will shatter at your touch
i’m afraid, this is as far as i can let you come…
because i just really can’t do it, i just can’t really love.


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don’t change your plans again. just go.

Don’t feign concern in a text

after pushing me away…

don’t change your plans again

because now you’re afraid…


of course I”m really mad at you

of course im kind of pissed off too,

but don’t you dare try to ignore me,

don’t you dare try to avoid me…


if you can’t take me at my worst,

don’t expect to walk by me at my best

im sorry baby but don’t come unless

you’re ready for all the insanity i have left..


and if you’re just going to float a little farther

if you’re gonna act super busy when im stressed,

if you are going to accidentally wind up taking the long way home,

well just don’t bother coming back again…

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i’m not ready to love you yet….

And i wouldn’t want to lie to you…
but my these days it’s all i do…
i lie with my eyes & i lie with what i do,
i lie to world , to myself, & i lie to you

because, i’m not ready to love…
i’m not ready to share
i’m not ready to trust anyone else
i’m not ready to care…

i’m still guarding my hope
i’m still guarding my dreams
i’m still aching over the past
and i’m still not able to sleep…

so just let me go kindly,
let’s shake hands and try to forget
all the words and lies
i have tied us together with…


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cold go

just feels like i left the door open on a winter night,
because i’m still waiting for you to come back home…
and all the cold air swirls around & numbs my heart…
because deep down, i know, i already let you go…


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