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drizzly rain outside the subway doesn’t care

you know the light rain outside the subway doesn’t give a care…
and the autumn wind, is getting cold again, just as I feared…

it’s the wild beast that i try to feed, just a little now and then…
but it refuses to change or find some other prey, it still lives within..

oh indecisiveness rules my heart and mind, my words and time,
oh deceptive pangs of longing spike, and strike my judgement blind..

I just want it to be for real, to seal the deal, have it last for good,
he’s jumping in the deep end, while im looking at every other ‘i could’



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a kiss don’t mean nothing to some…
but for me it used to mean ‘i like only you’
i guess it’s not a lie for one of the first kind…
but to my little soul, it stung like salt on a wound…

i will never again believe a kiss is more than i know,
i guess i turned the tables on the world…
the innocent preying on the guilty players…
now i’m just a cold hearted cynical girl….

but i guess that’s how all the guilty players are…
ex-innocents getting their revenge on the system…
a vicious cycle supposedly centered on finding love,
maybe apathy is its own kind of wisdom…


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free of you & me…

Let armageddon loose on our imagined little empire of dreams …
Leave no trace of hope or ‘maybe someday’, please be honest with me …
Don’t leave any pieces bleeding love through…
Crush me until ashes of anger is all I have for you

And if you can’t do it, then I’ll do this to you…
There’s not a chance in the world & there’s nothing you can do
I won’t even wear my mask of tears to this unceremonious goodbye,
Set fire to your bullshit dreams & watch the embers cool to white…

I could say sorry, I could say maybe someday,
I could even pull out just friends… but not today…
This is the last you’ll ever hear of me,
& no… no I am not sorry. I’m finally free


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That’s enough.

That’s enough of the lies that you tell me

I’m so sick of believing you & then

finding out it was just a drunk text again.

That’s enough of your guilt trips when I tell the truth

I deserve to feel beautiful

i deserve so much better than you.

I have the right to have other friends too

That’s enough of you telling me to stay

when it is best for me to move…

oh, that’s enough i caught you texting her

that’s enough i know you hooked up at that bar

that’s enough, word get’s around…

& so it’s one thing to use me

it’s one thing to be through with me

but it’s enough, when you act like you care

Don’t make me feel bad for leaving

you never treated me right

don’t you make me feel like i cheated

when you never asked me out.

Yes, im moving on now

yes, im going away.

that’s enough of you

…that’s enough of your games.


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Posted by on November 5, 2011 in (negative), guys/girls, love, Poetry


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