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of life and love… the balance of the who vs what

I think “true love” is such a stupid theoretical cliche used far too often.

Please, yes, there has to be a spark, but it’s so much more.
For so long, i thought it was a checklist. Money, God, Social, Kind, Caring, good looking, etc… Now i know it is so much more. You have to truly just care about the person.

Look at them and admire them. Their mannerisms, their looks, their eyes, their laugh. You have to love them for WHO they are, AND for WHAT they are. not just what. and not just who. which are the two extremes everyone seems to go to these days.

It has to be a balance. for quite some time, i’ve had this philosophy of see if he matches the ‘what’ before i start to fall for the ‘who’. but this is awful. i truly think you have to look at them both equally from the beginning, or you are far too likely to fall in love with the idea of someone, and the idea of a potential future than to actually consider them for who they are at their core.

Love the person. Marry the whole. I realize how many guys i’ve hurt as i’ve lived this way. Guys maybe look for a little too much of the who, and girls maybe look a little too much for the what. but it has to be a balance. and a commitment to love both, through changes, through doubts, through time.


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My heart waits

And if I were to try to find your heart,
I wouldn’t even know where to start, oh no…
A heart is not a quest
nor a war to be brought to rest,

And the man for whom I wish…
is more than just a check list…
A dream is more than colors and shapes,
it’s the way it leaves you feeling when you awake…

And I… I
I’m still waiting for mine.
Sure he’s a type, sure he’s kind,
and sure it’s the idea I have in my mind,

But it’s you and your eyes,
and the way you look into mine…
It’s how I can look at you too,
and feel completely unglued…

It’s how I want to be your partner in every game,
It’s how I want to be your side kick in every race,
It’s how I want to be your trophy, I want to be your prize,
I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine oh mine…

And if I were to try to find your heart,
I wouldn’t even know where to start,
But somewhere in the future, embedded in fate,
You better find me… for in the meantime, my heart waits…


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clouds and stubborn things

i lost myself in a thick white cloud

on a mountain, watching the city far down,

where I discovered that I am too proud

when I refused to call for help until now…


oh silly girl, life is much too brief

to waste time obstinately doing everything 

my own way to save myself from directions,

sometimes a hint, is worth the entire read…


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coins, spells, rainbows, & wells

like the coins they threw into a wishing well,
like the words they spoke from a book of spells
like a tone-deaf girl trying to learn how to sing
we were wasted as money bet on the lottery…

oh like using a phone book 2 decades old,
and following rainbows looking for a pot of gold,
some people will disappoint you in the end
doesn’t matter how much heart & hope you put into it…

now i ain’t sayin’ miracles can’t come true
or that wishes in fountains isn’t fun to do…
all i’m saying is that i’m done trusting you…
time wastin’, so let’s hasten & make this through…


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is it really a small world?

You hear it’s a small small world…
in movies that seem to mean nothing…
then you hear it’s a big world full of potential
and it’s rather confusing to me….

If it’s so small, then why can’t i capture it?
if it’s so small, why can’t I travel it through?
but if it’s so large, then why does everyone i meet
all seem to point me back to you?

oh, i guess it’s a mystery world…
full of too many people, never the same,
yet just few enough that everyone matters some,
but nobody can ever know everyone’s name…

I think I like small towns
because they make sense, you know who you meet
everyone knows who is who
& you know not to trust cheating Tim, before he cheats…

but the world, you can never learn it all
never understand it, or bottle it all up in a snow-globe…
i wanted to wait until I’d seen everything
but this might just be one long long road……


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here’s to inspiration

tonight i feel completely mediocre

i feel totally uninspired within my soul
& thus a new revelation choses to unfold…
tis better to have days of darkness & light
than to live a life of nothing but numb pride…

I’d rather feel the thrill of hope
and cry my heart out in the depths of despair
knowing full well the full spectrum of feelings
than to live my life desensitized & unaware…

so here is to everything in life that inspires…
whether love, hurt, hope, or pain…
here’s to the songs, the poems, the dramas…
& here is to the life not lived in vain…


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when i shall give up on thee

When the clouds fall to earth
and the waters rise from beneath
when the melodies hidden in the wind
are shaken to the ground & released

When the morning refuses to dawn
and the flowers only grow black & white
indeed when nature too, goes wild
then I shall surrender my crazy fight

for it is only natural, my dear
that i should fight through verses & tears
to trust you so much it hurt to know
that i should never again, trust or love anyone so….

So when the darkness is shattered
and the stallions gallop above the trees,
indeed, when the heavens give up on earth,
then & only then, shall i give up on thee….


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