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learn to glow again

it’s a steamy kind of summer rain
cleansing the trees of your dusty mess,
and the heart skipping crash of lightning pain,
followed by the misty peace of fresh breath

it’s the alleluia kind of sun-rays,
and the birds have new moist twigs to nest
when a heart trips among the soaking grey
and wakes up and finds there’s still love left…

it may not be in his arms next time,
but the world is sweet in the aftermath,
there’s the perfect warmth of summertime,
when i finally learned to let yesterday pass…

and i really have to say,
it’s been greener since the rain,
and i guess it took loosing my pride to him,
for me to learn how to glow again…


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thank god you broke my heart

because the diamonds all got a little more dull,
and the steaming rain turned cold in the fall…
the stars all hid behind the city night lights
and you told me she was the one for you this time…

and my heart sighs a heavy sigh beneath my laughing eyes,
and sleep no longer comes easy to me, i’m busy thinking of you at night…
oh make it stop, this really hurts, but then i look up and breathe,
oh thank god, i can feel this pain, it means i’m still feeling

and thank God I really do still have you as a friend,
and thank God I’m almost ready to love again…
i’d been so afraid of heart break for so long…
but if this is as bad as it gets then, bring it on!!!

im ready to be vulnerable at long last
im ready to let these tears and more flood past
i’m tired of acting aloof and like i don’t care
im ready to love, without all the fears…


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what’s wrong with fear… UNAFRAID

What’s so bad about fear? Fear can offer drive, and a push to move forward. Fear often is what keeps everything from a government to a workplace flowing… For example, people try to get to work on time because they fear they will be fired. Fear can also inspire caution & prudence.

And yet over & over again we are commanded in scripture “DO NOT FEAR…” not as a suggestion, as a commandment. This has always grabbed my attention. Why is it so bad? And if we are commanded not to fear or to be afraid, then why are we also told to ‘fear the Lord’? Slightly divided rules, right?

Tonight it finally made sense to me. I think fear binds and constricts. And despite popular belief, our religious instructions often offer us a more honest freedom. And the affect of fear is obedience. Which is why it is good to fear the lord, & perhaps wrong to fear in the world. Or to allow any decision to be caused by fear.

Giving into fear, forces us to be obedient to that fear, instead of obedient to our inner desires, will, God’s will, or simply the freedom to try.

I think it’s revolutionary thought… to be fearless. I am not saying to be crazy impractical or to not think things through first or calculate them. But rather, to make our decisions entirely free of the influence of fear.

Real world example… a 29 year old girl who is deciding whether to settle for this guy who is okay, because she is afraid she can’t to do better, or to trust she can find better…

Which brings me to the ultimate opposite of fear… faith.

When you have faith… i mean that kind of faith where no matter the inflictions and falls of this world, knows that there is more beyond… more worth living for… then you have no fear.

so that is why fear is wrong, because it counter-acts faith, & enslaves us to this world.

I’m not saying to show up late to work every day… lol, respect is important. but, have faith that whatever your fears are in this world, that they truly are of this world. Seriously, even death, can’t capture us. If you truly believe this… Then, and pretty much only then, does it make sense to live unafraid.


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Brighter trails

there’s a certain hour you reach
when all the walls have grown too high
and all the doors have closed to you
and you start to doubt another try….

oh then it’s not time to leave, heart like mine…
oh it’s not time to break into tears or broken sighs
it’s not the time to let the sand slip into the night
no, it’s time… to find a way to burn more bright…

oh the stars they can’t out shine us,
oh the stories they can’t even come close,
and our journey shall be the most epic,
and and the trail map can’t reach where we shall go…


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listen little lady bug…

Cute little lady bug,
you ain’t got time to be stuck
with listening to me
and my wishes rambling…

but ill hold you clasped tight
until i’ll catch a firefly tonight
just so i can have a friend
to listen to the endlessness…

Oh I know… we had a flame,
and now you say let it burn…
but I’m finally solid free of heat
no more guy, no more hurt…

Oh I just want to run away
and so i bought a ticket on a plane
to fly across the ocean blue
and now you say that you want to come too…

Oh who am I to say this side is mine?
and you can’t come along?
but really i just want to have my adventure
and my own song…

i bought that ticket one-way
free of all the drama every day…
so fly away miss lady bug…
go be free, just leave me a little luck…


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Julia’s star

I don’t want to hear another excuse filled night
darling girl, you’ve got it all in your hands
all you have to do is take that giant leap
& know that everyone won’t understand….

but you, you’re special, you should know…
not to let what they think, take control!
Take courage, my friend, i believe you
i believe in you’re beautiful, precious soul!

if you can keep that dream driving,
if you can keep the sparkles ahead,
if you don’t look away, i know you can…
don’t fall for the trap of a life like lead…

don’t let them try to convince you that
reality is the fear they live in as they settle for less
because fate is good to the fearless, you know…
you are beginning, don’t wear their burden on your chest…

Someone has to be the star,
and I believe you can go that far…
now get out there & shine…
Julia, just go be who you already are


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being alive!

I really need to fall in love again
and this week, I really have…

I realized you can fall in love with the sunrise
fall in love with the ever changing moon
fall in love with the starry milkey way
and fall in love with always finding the truth

fall in love with the changing seasons
fall in love with the people in my life
fall in love with the plans of grand travel
fall in love with a coffee shop open mic night

fall in love with walks through red rocks
and fall in love with nerdy co workers who bring smiles
fall in love with watering my garden at dusk
and fall in love with rising above and beyond my trials

Falling in love with a dream i swear i won’t let die
fall in love with the secrets i harbor within my heart
already falling in love with whoever i will marry someday
and fall in love with all the way my future’s begun to start

and i’ve fallen in love with my guitar strings
fallen in love with swing dancing all night
fallen in love with my sisters, brother, and folks
but mostly, i’ve just fallen in love with being alive


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