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here’s to inspiration

tonight i feel completely mediocre

i feel totally uninspired within my soul
& thus a new revelation choses to unfold…
tis better to have days of darkness & light
than to live a life of nothing but numb pride…

I’d rather feel the thrill of hope
and cry my heart out in the depths of despair
knowing full well the full spectrum of feelings
than to live my life desensitized & unaware…

so here is to everything in life that inspires…
whether love, hurt, hope, or pain…
here’s to the songs, the poems, the dramas…
& here is to the life not lived in vain…


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uniquely average

Oh, I’m fine with never perfect
I’m okay with who I am…
I work hard and I’ve earned some
Messed up and dropped things out of my hands…

And I know I ain’t no model,
And I’ll never be the very best,
Possibly nothing even close,
So don’t bother putting me through your tests…

I’m okay with being the side-kick girl
A little bit witty, who has a few good friends,
Brown hair, hazel eyes, ordinary world,
Decently patient, who isn’t always the one to win…

I’ll never be super famous,
But you know, that really works for me…
But don’t you think that means mediocre,
Don’t go passing me off as not worth anything…

My ambitions are to love & be loved…
To make a difference in 10 lives,
I want to leave behind some poems,
And get to heaven when I die…

I hope to have many children,
Of character, drive, & trust in the Lord,
I know I’ll never be perfect,
But I also hope, I’m never just an ordinary girl…


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Feather on a Kite

my hand is clenched on a feather
i found floating on the waves,
the six year old me cherished it as
if it were a pair of wings to save…

just one feather white & gray,
stuck in my hair, worn in my pocket,
i almost stored my treasure in a chest
shut the hinges & the locked it…

but i decided this dear feather of mine
deserved one last chance to fly,
so i tied it onto the string of my kite
& let it soar to the reaches of the sky…

when the kite descended on the grass,
and i went to recollect my friend,
i found it had flown a way from me,
we had met our short journey’s end….

Indeed, that was one lucky feather on the waves,
shed by some bird to drown in the sea…
and even as a human girl, i believe i would feel
honored to have anyone cherish me so throughly…

the love of a child,
is incomparible to those grown ups…
because after heart breaks,
death, and breaches of solid trust..

sooner or later we grow up,
& just let feathers float by,
oh but let the children be children,
let them dream, while there’s still time…


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stolen from the wild…. totally yours

Have you ever been so confused
about feelings you couldn’t understand?
ever been so afraid of love,
you almost didn’t give it a chance?

Have you ever wanted to run away
& unleash your wild side on the world?
pretend that feelings are for the weak?
and live the gypsy life of a music girl?

Wo-oh oh… that’s me, that’s I —
always fighting dreams that tie…
but you hold fast to my heart
with your love & silver blue eyes…

And in a backwards sort of jailbreak,
you stole my heart out of the wild terrain,
and have broken me into a faithful love…
your crazy dreams have made me tame…

somehow i’m freer with you at my side
than i ever was alone at the wheel…
& if i tried putting confusion into words,
i guess that’s how you make me feel…

totally crazy, totally wild
totally tamed, totally a child,
totally free, totally alive,
totally stuck on you for life…

totally begging, totally giving,
totally accepting, totally living,
finally have something to live for,
that finally, i am totally yours….


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short & proud

I’ll be there to support you in doing,
what you feel you are meant to do,
even if that means a situation,
that isn’t the one i would usually choose.

I don’t want to marry a politician
but if that’s how you think you can change the world,
well then, I won’t stop your passion,
because I want to be your girl.

and this is part of who you are.
i would not make you cut it out
so go ahead & live it strong,
& i’ll stand beside you short & proud.


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unexaggerated wishes.

With no exaggeration or hints of sarcasm,
I’m going to try to write this poem for you,
I just want you to know you mean so much more,
than I ever really want to admit is true…

You know I love your silver blue eyes,
And I love the way you sort of squint & sigh,
when i get worked up over your speeding,
& then you say that i’m too cute for you to fight…

Leaves me feeling helpless & i can’t even glare,
because really i just wish you were holding me here,
and then maybe i wouldn’t be so worried & scared,
because you tend to have that calming effect when you’re near

And yes, i think you’re bangs are totally hot,
Please don’t cut them though i have to admit,
my threat was rather empty in more ways than not,
because i’d totally give in & give you more than one kiss…

And i really love how you just emailed me out of the blue
with some random message when you thought about me & you.
And I know this is totally cheesy, I probably turned my screen off,
i can’t wait to travel the world, and everything we’ll do…

but even if we never do get out there,
(though don’t worry i totally want to too)
i just want you to know what i want most,
is just to someday, share everyday with you.


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Rise in His heart on Easter!

It’s about forgiveness,
it’s about love,
it’s about learning to have faith,
it’s about learning to trust…

it’s about knowing that evil
is when free will breaches’ God’s will…
and that every time we love,
it’s God we’re feeling, as we’re fulfilled,

So Holy Spirit rise & move in me!
move in your church, the people pray,
let us no longer judge so harshly,
let us hope in you on Easter day…

Set fire to the hearts of apathy,
breathe mercy in the hearts that are cold,
breathe courage into the hearts of the weak,
and help those of us fearful, become bold…

i pray for me to understand i don’t
i don’t know everything that they have done,
and that I hold compassion in my heart,
and not the desire to measure & judge…

Let’s breathe hope into despair,
breathe joy into the darkening days…
Lord rise & rise & rise again in our hearts,
oh, you are holy in your mercy & grace…

let us live, let us love,
let us remember to say thanks,
let us forgive & give of ourselves,
oh church of believers, let us pray…


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