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the perfect setting… from the other side

it was the perfect setting…
the water was shimmering glows into the trees…
it was the perfect wedding…
from my side of the lake shore I could see the whole thing…

a black haired little girl oblivious & cute,
ran along the lake, sharing horderves with the ducks,
the ribbons dancing in the wind around the pillars,
the gazebo flashing with cameras & reflections of the sun…

And there I was across the water,
sitting in a white dress on the rocky water’s edge…
trying not to stare through my sunglasses,
with a book, a towel, & popsicle in hand…

It made me think about you,
it made me think about us,
it made me think about my youngest cousin
& those ridiculous ducks….

it was the perfect setting…
would my hair also blow in the breeze?
it looked like the perfect wedding,
…even if I do wish that was you & me…


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Every kiss of hope… for you

A hushed warmth shivered the leaves
As the dusk washed over the light
& a single leaf was swept through the breeze
& kissed me on the cheek tonight…

a fine mist rhythmically tagged the wood,
& the dock cradled me gently along,
A warm summer breeze rippled the lake,
as the crickets chimed me their song…

The glittering winter sparkled
icicles glistened in the moon’s thick glow
And as I breathed white clouds into being,
A snowflake kissed me as it melted on my nose….

A hillside of bluebonnets & daisies awaken
as the velvet sky of glittering stars depart
With an overwhelming joy & peace
The sunrise warmly consoles my heart…

Oh the breath-taking beauty of nature
hardly hides it’s love for my tender spirit…
With every kiss of hope, God whispers,
a message, & I wish you to hear it…

“Child, I spread Eden among the earth,
I light the skies on fire to burn.
For I love sending you peace & beauty,
& I love you even more than you could earn…

…for ’twas I who loved you first…. twas i who molded your face, Tis I who watches over, Tis I am who am your grace.”


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I had you… on a frozen night

You want the truth…

here it is…

I’ll spit out


I’m in love with you

I don’t know why

But to tell the truth

I fell for you the first night.

i was dancing away my loneliness

twirling in strangers arms

& then i caught a glimpse of you to my right

& tried to turn on my charm.

You called me out from the beginning

but, hey, you still went along…

& clearly, my stragegy was winning-

Because, it wasnt before very long…


I had you dancing to ringtones on a gazeebo

on a frozen night by the lake.

I had you exploring mysteries of our Capital

& sharing your cherished Sweedish coat on the bay…

I had you teaching me how to ice-skate,

okay, you lapped me several times….

& eating picnics in the back of my car,

complete with Sprite sugar-highs…

I had you singing along to the stereo…

I had you taking me on a Road trip

with no destination on the map

& on the way back I may have let it slip…

I had slight feelings for you,

wasn’t ready for more than friends,

& we went into that twilight zone,

where I fell for you like no other hit…

Seriously, just a fingertip on my hand

sends a gush of butterflies flying…

You make me want to kiss you,

when you aren’t even trying…

So you went a way for a couple months

to train for a better position.

I dated someone else, or @ least, tried..

only problem is, I totally lied.

i’m still in love with you.

& now i may just move away

go back out west for my family

But I am, SO really tempted to stay

just long enough to find an understanding.

You know, i’d totally stay if you told me

that you want me too.

you know, i’d totally be your girlfriend.

That’s me telling the truth.

But here it is, honest.

I can’t say this to your face.

Cuz i’m too proud & afraid

that you’d laugh & turn away.

this whole mess is my fault.

I love you more than I should.

& my family wouldn’t approve.

because agnostic isn’t “good”.

So, if you ever find this.

if it ever crosses your mind…

to follow that girl who was crazy

& left you far behind…

Then, come out West to Colorado

Honey, you’d already have won.

I’d never leave your side.

cuz you had me from Day one.

you were twisting your watch on your wrist

said you weren’t dancing, cuz u didn’t know how

to be honest you were more than right…

but if you want, I can teach  you now…

wish i could tell you to your face…


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