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whirlwinds from the stars

She was a whirlwind from the stars
A fiery energy that glowed into their hearts
The one who sung with a contagious laugh
Just close enough to trust but too far to ever have…

And she danced on hot beach nights under full moons
She turned the rhythm of the waves into her tunes
She wrote of magical powers, fairies, lands, and seas…
That she had witnessed every night in her vivid dreams…

And she radiated confidence in destiny & the stars
And she told them to up & follow their hearts
Always too flighty to ever settle in and stay
She left her stamp and then let life’s dawn whisk her away…

Oh she was just a shooting star
Just a wish in passing she’ll break your heart
And you’ll always wonder where she went
And you’ll always wonder what it meant

Nothing more than a dream of yesterday,
Don’t try to hold her, oh let me fly away
For girls like me, we’ve learned better than to trust you guys
Until we find that man who instead of stealing, gives us light…


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bury me in fire

Don’t settle me into the ashes of the past
with those whom’s lives were consumed
with passion of words, before becoming dust,
and then, dwindling into mediocre doom….

the doom of having made no difference
the hell of being separated from the living’s light…
the doom of never loving or succeeding
the doom of early peaks, then subtle demise….

Oh my fire has not yet burnt out….
I have colors and depth the world shall see…
and hiding the flame for fear of failure,
shall no longer stand between me & my dreams…

and when I’m done, you shall pray
that they may someday come to contain
the wildfire that my sparks shall set in the brush
of dormant dreamers, anxious to burst into flame….


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here’s to inspiration

tonight i feel completely mediocre

i feel totally uninspired within my soul
& thus a new revelation choses to unfold…
tis better to have days of darkness & light
than to live a life of nothing but numb pride…

I’d rather feel the thrill of hope
and cry my heart out in the depths of despair
knowing full well the full spectrum of feelings
than to live my life desensitized & unaware…

so here is to everything in life that inspires…
whether love, hurt, hope, or pain…
here’s to the songs, the poems, the dramas…
& here is to the life not lived in vain…


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sea clouds & dreamland…

a wave of cloud reaches out
and smothers the peak of my mountain…
like a memory caught in slow motion,
or as dry ice falling off a giant fountain…

the sea of foam is lit with rose,
amber, violet, & soft curly hues…
then becomes darker than the sky
which is a saturated cyan blue…

I can almost imagine unicorns
climbing out of the levitated mass,
or for Poseidon’s chariot to rise up,
as his trident, lifted, might flash

Sea clouds belong in dreamland…
of course, these days, i live in fantasy…
i wonder if I have been caught in my dream-world,
or if dreamland has become my reality….

these days, i’d believe just about anything…
for dreams & life have become the same for me.


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source of strength outside myself

Let me tell you the truth
I’m not as strong as I seem.
In fact most of the strength I have,
doesn’t even come from within me…

But that’s the beauty of hope,
it’s the beauty of the cross,
it’s the beauty of the rainbow,
it’s the beauty of giving it up to God…

And let me admit I mess up,
I am as human as human can be…
But that is no excuse to quit,
and I shall never stop my trying…

to be bigger & better than I am.
to purge myself out of my life…
all the selfish desires & thoughts
and ignore any bitterness & lies…

Because fate is good to the fearless,
because hope burns brightest in the dark,
because love proves to strength in itself,
and I have an ever chasing heart…

I shall always chase that gold at the end of the rainbow,
chase that dream beyond what I’m qualified for,
and I must know that you will do the same for us,
and that together we can become so much greater & more…

May it ever burn on,
sure it hurts, but it’s bright.
we can do this, we can make it…
have faith, & believe in the power of one life.



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humble hope of the dark

A surreal blanket snuffs the sun,
And I am lost, in weakness numb,
Finally, still, you come to me,
& whisper peace into my being

don’t you see?

the stars shine in the day,
but the sun rays hides them away.
So too, Your strength presides here,
but in the world’s sun, You disappear…

But it’s only a deception,
our iris’s mis-dilation…
needing a correction…
give me some true tribulation…

I see so much more at night…
all of a sudden, shadows are bright
i want you to heal my heart…
so take me back to the dark…

Where it’s just you & me…
a desert that’s totally color-free…
with only shades of gray & light..
your star, here, shines fiery bright

And in the empty void you nest,
flooding stars from East to West
In awe, i fall feebly to my knees,
in humble hope, my heart finds peace…


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fire & water

Cornered into a wall
by my own anger & hate
i do not wish to speak,
i don’t want to join in play…

I want to get out.
i want to burn this bridge…
Heaven help me hold my tongue
& refrain from all of this!…

i don’t know where to go,
i have no money left to spend
i wish to wash it all away
i wish to flood my heart within…

loving, loosing,
anger hurts,
trusting, hoping,
now i’m burnt…

Oh Lord of all,
i beseech thee, i pray,
put my spirit in a strait-suit
so that i might obey.

But God has His own way,
He never fights fire with fire,
He pours the water of life,
& gives me rest as I tire…


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