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but i can sing of the glories gone

I was the bloom in the thunderstorm
today my petals are strewn about the floor~
refused to believe my sunshine had gone away…
still that girl chasin’ after long lost fates…

You were that ice cream on a summer day
that I left out too long, and found had dripped away,
Our hearts moved with the power of hurricane winds
but that season faded away long ago, since then

We were the rainbow glowing fresh in my heart
we were the flash of a shooting star
we were the fireworks, the fiery bursts of light
and then we fell as scattered ashes & died…

This is the problem with the most powerful of beauties,
they never stick around too long
And I’m that girl left trying to explain to my friends,
why it’s impossible for me to move on…

it was a supernatural phenomenon…
trust me, I am aware our glowing water is gone…
i know that you can’t capture the glorious dawn…
but im still writing song after heart pounding song…….


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Thunderstorm thoughts

outside it’s a thunderstorm
inside, my upper back still hurts
the dogs are whining in fright
and I’m just really restless tonight

it seems like I should start a cozy fire,
and cuddle next to someone who’s also tired
and just sip hot chocolate or tea
as the dark storm isolates us from everything

I pride myself in my independence
don’t really need a guy or that commitment
but in the lightning storm on a summer night
just for once, having someone would sure feel right

It’s times like these, i lean back and wonder
if maybe i really don’t need that adventure to wander
but at the same time, give me a ticket & some gas,
and i’d be on my way, to see the world at last…


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