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chart our stars, and melt my heart

in the silence, beats a whisper to the dark…
it’s the soft whimper of a slowly starving heart…
no longer desperate, it has outlived the war,
but it’s missing the hope it had before…

oh so unwise, after all this time,
indecisive and apathetically inclined.
i turn so cold, when i’m afraid,
lest i relieve all the frozen pain…

i want to love, make me a sun,
blaze in the day ricochet off the moon,
i want to awake, i want to flood,
let my walls and darkness come undone

a galaxy too expansive for me,
i couldn’t chose a brightest star,
but now i see, the truth of things,
the brightest depends on where you are…

So come close to me, i want your touch.
i want you to know my heart, my love.
melt the frozen blood, let me cry,
just stay here, at my wounded side.

and I will see your scars, and light your dark.
i will hold your hand, and make you a star chart,
we can dance, on earth it’s more than enough
our day has finally come to free us to be us.

i want my best friend, by my side.
the one who makes me smile any time.
i don’t need a star, or foreign mystery,
i just want to give you everything, all of me.


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withdrawal from love

holding back my love
you’d been so addicted on…
i see you suffer withdrawal
as im halfway already gone…

he came in and stole a part
of the world we almost had
and i can’t make up my mind
and the storm clouds grew sad,

they furled down acid rain
and burned my beauty away.
they scorned my indecision
and whipped my heart with chains.

Now it bleeds for how i yearn
to both love and unlove both…
i see how much i’ve hurt them,
and i’d rather always be alone…

than ever hurt anyone again…
than to feel my gut wince…
as you strike it with begging words…
to please love you once again…


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between hurt and rage

somewhere between the hurt and the rage,
a longing panic cried ‘don’t go away’…
somewhere between ‘please stay’ and ‘goodbye’
I was in shock, as i looked into your eyes.

because i don’t understand why…
was she more beautiful than me?
for those 3 minutes did you believe,
that we weren’t ever going to be anything?

Did you think i wouldn’t care?
but even then, i just don’t see how…
you could love me like you say you do
but kiss her 3 weeks before you move down.

So many stupid journal pages
I’ve scribbled on and on about you.
so many nights i spent just imagining,
that you were lying in my bed too…

and i’d been waiting and waiting,
and was just at the point when my cold heart melted
and decided to open up and trust
and i just hate how you did it, but im the one who got f***ed

im the one who felt it so wrong in my gut.
im the one who feels like im less for your wrong
im the one who questions what is love,
do i know you? you aren’t who i thought…


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dragon of mischief, love, and an epic plead

i want to find a dragon egg with you
raise it in a secret cave for a year or two
then once its stature has grown brawny & secure
i want us to climb on its wings & soar over the earth

with fiery breath to warm the cool chill
and the silence of all but the deafening thrill
hold me tight, so i need not even fear,
as we enter realm and our pasts disappear

i don’t want all these memories of before
before i had you, and your kind words to warm
i don’t want this world of distant heart aches
i want to have passion, and an eternal future that awaits

i want mischief & love & epic battles & peace
i want dragons & unicorns & powerful steeds
but more than a kingdom, magic, or wealth to win
all i want is for us to work out, long before the end…


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emotion’s tide

Don’t know where emotions grow from
Or what makes them ebb away or run…
Can’t say I crashed into the deep,
As much as that I’ve waded into you & me…

And I wouldn’t write our book just yet
And I wouldn’t name our future pets…
And I wouldn’t envision the place we’ll be…
Because I’m afraid… it’s already happening…

I’m feeling little swirls of giggles & sweet
Getting little urges to kiss you on the cheek,
When i wake up, i see your ‘good morning’ text each day,
And today i realized, I can’t just let you slip away…

Because little quirky memories float like bubbles
Like holding hands, crossing streets over puddles,
You and I playing guitar on El Dorado’s park stage…
all the hippies came to listen on as the blue faded into grey…

You know, I won’t admit that crawling hugginess inside.
But the feelings are washing over like a full moon’s tide…
And looking back, over all the lemon ice cream days,
I can’t let the distance just make them drip away…


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fishing in your eyes

holding my breath inside, i look into your brown eyes…
searching for your soul and what is written in your gaze
and i realize you are fishing within me too, to see what you find…
both of us are too proud to question or admit, what we’re asking with our eyes…

Oh did you just feel that spark when we kissed?
is this just me, or are you also falling in?
i want to know from you that you’ll commit…
promise me, I’m the only girl you’ll hold like this…

oh but, neither of us wants to be the first to dive
neither of us will speak with more than our eyes…
neither of us will be the first to put our hearts on the line…
oh but, I’m ready, if you’re ready to give us a real try…


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nobody gets it right, i’m sorry

and i said i’m truly sorry inside out
i guess i just saw him as an escape from us,
i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,
just couldn’t face you, to tell you that i’d had enough…

and i know you had no way of knowing
because my communication when i’m upset doesn’t exist
but don’t act like i came in with a vendetta,
i just wanted to be through with all of this….

can we please just be friends again?
i really want to take back all of the distractions
i guess it was my fault for leading you on,
but at the time, i was just following my gut reactions…

so, oh, please just say it’s okay, you forgive me…
like why, do you need to make me sit here feeling so guilty,
what it really comes down to, is i scarred your perfect pride,
but oh c’mon, be a man, don’t be so dramatic like it was a crime….

i never meant to hurt or deceive you…
i only meant to release my own heart…
listen, i know it was selfish at best,
but don’t act like you haven’t caused scars…

nobody gets it all right…
will you forgive me or hold onto your pride?…


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